Office Hours 2022-06-23 - Tech Focus


Jun 23, 2022


  • @Wesley Brown

  • @Felimone Amone Junior

  • Phillip Kamutenga

Meeting Video

OpenLMIS Office Hours - Technical Focus-20220623_082959-Meeting Recording.mp4

Discussion topics





Previous Action Items


Sub-Lot Stock Tracking

Would Product-Lot-Facility be unique enough for use-by and vvm status?

  • For SELV, this would not be unique enough as they can have stock with for same product, lot, and facility with a different vvm status

    • They would need the VVM status to be part of the sub-lot tracking

    • Could also need this for “Storage Location” (basic warehouse management), this would be useful in the central warehouses

      • This storage location would be part of the order fulfillment

      • Storage location could also be used in facilities with multiple CCE

Clearing browser cache is required for certain actions

For example:

  • In SELV (Moz), when adding new facilities, users have to clear their cache for the new facilities to be visible

  • When new reports (Jasper) are created, either the old report is used or 404 error

  • Updating valid sources and destinations

Logging out of OpenLMIS (as well as system) does not work, users must clear the cache

Interest in GS1 (GTIN) for Product Tracking

Will track this alongside development on the OpenLMIS mobile app. We will need more detail on the specific use-cases and workflows

Storage Availability in SEVL

Demo by Felimone (recorded)

System Performance

Nigerian Instance is quite slow when Creating User

  • May be due to the 40,000 locations

@Akin Fadeyi to send a backup of the Postgres db to Wes to share with the dev team



Upcoming Discussion Points

Addition of Temperature to SM intake/adjustment pages

Vaccine landscape review (per Moses’s comments)

Additional Admin Screens (Dominika)

Upgrade Superset Version

Discuss How OpenLMIS can better track Lab commodities

Action items

@Wesley Brown create post about the creation and goal of the User Feedback page
@Dominika Bieńkowska (Deactivated) Document how we identify and upgrade dependencies/libraries - Who is responsible, how upgrades get prioritized, etc
@Wesley Brown to prepare a draft of the revised Contribution Guidelines


  1. When something specific is going to be discussed, send an email to the invitees and post on Discourse




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