2022-07-28 Stock Tracking - Meeting Notes


Jul 28, 2022


  • @Wesley Brown

  • @Josh Zamor

  • @David Crewe-Brown

 Discussion topics





Use-Case Info

  1. In Nigeria, they need to track a “use-by” date of UCL vaccines. This is separate from the expiration date and gets set once the vaccine leaves the ultra cold chain environment. We can use extra-data to track this data (or add an implementation-specific data field, it doesn’t really matter) so that part is not difficult, the difficulty is that they do not keep individual batches/lots together. A given Product-Lot can, and often is, split apart and sent to multiple facilities and each of those “sub lots” can have a different use-by date

  2. In Mozambique, in the SELV project, they have a similar issue related to the VVM status of vaccines. Once again, a given Product-Lot often is split up and sent to multiple facilities, with the VVM status being different at each facility.

Stock Info Tracking

Josh - This information should be tracked as part of the information in the Bin Card (ie Stock Card).

Need to check on the constraints on the stock_management.stock_cards table to ensure that this is supported

stock_card_line_items.extradata could be the right place to store this data, could also be the *_fields tables (not sure if/how these are used)

The good way to do this, would be to create an adjustment (or custom UI) to change the status of a given product-lot with a reason that would result in a new bin-card being created with the affected quantity.

Short-term, might be able to try something on the whole lot (via the bin-card) but this almost certainly won’t meet the actual requirements for many facilities

Things to Change/Add

  1. The Lot Selection on the Adjustment page (and everywhere?) would need to include more information (ie, the VVM status, Use-By date, or whatever) as multiple bin-cards with the same lot code will exist

  2. The Stock Card page should show these additional, program/product-specific fields (ie, VVM Status, Use-By Date)

  3. The Bin Card should show the same

  4. A new type of Adjustment (Status-Change) reason needs to be supported which results in a new Bin Card being created for the same Stock Card

  5. Existing reports may need to be updated to deal with duplicate lots and display additional fields, as needed

  6. There needs to be a way to dynamically define these fields and select which program-products should have these additional fields. This could be done as a second phase of implementation of the overall feature

 Action items

@Wesley Brown to discuss these changes with @Dominika Bieńkowska