3.14 QA Release & Bug Triage status

This page contains all bugs reported for 3.14 release for tracking and status. This page will be used during daily bug triage, and queries must be updated with labels of 3.14RC1bug or 3.14RC2bug.

Bug Triage team







@Szymon Rujner

@Dominika Bieńkowska

@David Crewe-Brown

@Michał Józefów

@Nikola Laskowska

@Daria Pionk

@Jakub Olszak

@Adam Nawrot

  • Review list of bugs provided by @Szymon Rujner  in QA slack channel (see query below):

    • Only bugs that have been entered and labeled 3.14RC1bug or 3.14RC2bug will be reviewed during triage;

  • Prioritize bugs;

  • Communicate which bugs need to be fixed, who is assigned to fix for each team - only bugs prioritized as Blocker or Critical must be fixed;

  • Szymon will create test cycles for retesting if needed;

  • Szymon will provide status update on bug fixes in QA slack channel as needed;

  • Szymon will communicate in Slack the bugs that have been added to the board for the day.

  • We'll meet every two days a week (3 PM) and a communication on bug triage status at the end of the day;

  • Guidance on bug prioritization is located here: http://docs.openlmis.org/en/latest/contribute/contributionGuide.html#reporting-bugs;

  • If there are bugs found, then we must retest;

  • Communication of the test plan before we start testing for the release:

    • @Szymon Rujner

       is responsible for communicating the test plan and bug status in the QA Slack channel.


3.14 RC1 bugs:

3.14 RC2 bugs:

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