Version 3 Demo: Supporting Documentation

This page is a guide for demoing OpenLMIS version 3 series features and OpenLMIS integrations with OpenSRP and an RTM platform (example, Nexleaf's ColdTrace).

In order to demo the OpenLMIS / OpenSRP integration you will need to get set up with the proper OpenSRP server.

Email Craig Appl, from Ona for setup instructions. 

Please contact Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) if you have additional questions or require further support on the demo. 

Table of Contents

Example Presentations (multi-lingual) 

Feel free to use these presentations as a base for building out a tailored presentation. Please make sure to appropriately reference OpenLMIS and its branding guidelines. 

YouTube Videos 

Please review the following YouTube Videos for context on OpenLMIS general functionality and the OpenSRP integration.

We encourage anyone planning to demo the software to review these videos to get an understanding of what is in OpenLMIS and how to walk through the features.

YouTube Videos

LanguageRequisitionsStock ManagementVersion 3 SeriesIntegrations

OpenLMIS 3.3 Webinar

OpenLMIS / OpenSRP


OpenLMIS 3.3 Webinar en français

Not available in Portuguese

OpenLMIS 3.3 Webinar em português

Demo URL

Please use this demo site when demoing OpenLMIS in English, French or Portuguese:

User Profiles 

These user profiles are used to demonstrate new and existing functionality. The Expanded Programme on Immunisation (EPI) terms are external facing and familiar to the EPI programmatic space.

Each profile encompasses multiple user personas we leverage for development. 

User Name & DescriptionSystemUserNamePasswordHome Facility
General for All Functionality (Including Stock Management and Requisitions)
Storeroom ManagerOpenLMISsrmanager2password
EPI Specific

Regional Immunization and Vaccine Officer (RIVO)


Depósito Provincial Niassa

District Immunization and Vaccine Officer (DIVO)


Depósito Distrital Cuamba

District Immunization and Vaccine Officer (DIVO)ColdTraceolmisdemoDepósito Distrital Cuamba
Immunization nurse 1OpenSRPvnurse1passwordLurio
Immunization nurse 2OpenLMISvnurse2Password1Macaue-2
Vaccine Warehouse ClerkOpenLMISvwclerk1passwordMoz Central Warehouse

Dashboards & Data Analytics

To get a glimpse into some of the data analytics capabilities, login here to see sample OpenLMIS data Dashboards     (Login: openlmis     Password: demo )

Scripts to Demo 3.3 Features (multi-lingual)

The following scripts can be used together or broken down by each workflow. Make sure to use the above user credentials.

English Script


French Script


Portuguese Script


Coming soon

Additional Information on Users

If you are interested in logging in with a user who can access Family Planning, Essential Meds or another program, please review the list of users (and their configurations) available in our demo data here. This demo focuses on showcasing features using immunization focused data.

User Journey Visualization

The following highlights what each user is responsible for and why they use the systems (OpenLMIS, OpenSRP, and ColdTrace). Please note these are just for demonstration and which users can do what is configurable and can meet an implementations needs.

  1. Immunization nurse1 manages stock in OpenSRP, places order into OpenLMIS, and receives a proof of delivery from OpenLMIS to accept stock into inventory
  2. Immunization nurse2 manages stock in OpenLMIS, requests stock from the DIVO, and receives stock in via an electronic proof of delivery
  3. DIVO manages stock in OpenLMIS, fulfills an order and ships vaccines, monitors CCE (sees RTM integration), submits requisitions/orders and receives stock from the RIVO.
  4. RIVO manages stock in OpenLMIS and fulfills orders.
  5. VWClerk converts approved requisitions to orders which are sent to the ERP

Additional workflows to be demonstrated:

  • EPI Manager looking at Reporting Dashboard to "manage by exception" or drill into DISC indicators.
  • DIVO using CCE Management features to record an old fridge as Unserviceable and install a new fridge from the catalog (add a new CCE equipment record into inventory).
  • Forecasting/Estimation: How you would use data from OpenLMIS for quantification/planning, and then load ISAs into OpenLMIS for the year.
  • Stock Management on Mobile with SIGLUS (as least a mention) or on web in OpenLMIS to record issues/adjustments/etc.
  • Admin and configurability 
  • Show regular (non stock based) requisitions for facilities not using stock management
  • Recording an adjustment/issue/receive... not sure if it more confusing then it is worth. Maybe show an wastage adjustment?

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