2.0 Release Project

This effort completed in March 2015. Please see the release notes.


Per the 2015 Community Meeting, the branch labeled "2.0" in GitHub is not considered stable.  The following tasks were identified during the meeting, with a goal of accomplishing them by the end of 2015.  We anticipate these tasks to be refined and assigned as the community committees get to work.




Cleanup database tablesJSI (question)JSI identified several DB tables that were added but never used
Merge in "accessibility" work from "1.0" releaseVRThese add additional upload scripts and a few minor fixes
Create and configure a CI server We will likely use Jenkins, as most community members currently use it. "travis (question)" is another option
Create and configure Sonar For tracking quality metrics. Should run on common branches
Create default configuration template Evaluate customization module created by TW for MOZ project (http://github.com/clintonhealthaccess/lmis-moz) to store country-specific configuration. Document and recommend as a good practice
Establish common data set For both testing and demonstration purposes
Establish "feature toggle" mechanism A simple way to hide or deactivate features not considered global. This is a temporary measure as we work to a modular-style architecture
Evaluate which features should "toggle off" by default Set in default configuration
Document new features Some features created for eLMIS or other projects are unfamiliar to the community
Document final branching strategy e.g. gitflow. We tentatively decided on a develop branch which flows into the master
First draft of developer guidelines  
Final testing Both automatic and manual testing on 2.0 candidate
Release tag Set 2.0 release tag. Merge to "master" or rename branch as master.
Create and publish a common demo server  

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