OpenLMIS and SCOR Framework

This is a DRAFT page. Former user (Deleted) and Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) are currently mapping the OpenLMIS features to the SCOR reference model.  

Table of Contents

What is SCOR?

Supply Chain Operations Reference model, developed to assist business in understanding, structuring, and evaluating the performance of supply chains.

Reference the following introduction to SCOR for details on the framework and its inception.

Video: Introduction to SCOR - How to make an impact

Video: BPM Accelerator Powered by ARIS: Implement faster, manage more and measure better

Why use SCOR?

Satish's presentation on why (value proposition) the OpenLMIS community can leverage the SCOR framework. 

Mapping OpenLMIS to SCOR

Former user (Deleted) and Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) are currently working on mapping the OpenLMIS features to the SCOR level three activities. Below is current state of the mapping and discussion.


Archived Materials

Older material. As we began looking at SCOR we tried to visualize what activities OpenLMIS supported with SCOR. However we started to 'modify' the framework because the OpenLMIS community doesn't use the same terminology.  The following was drafted but is no longer the most recent thinking on how we can leverage SCOR.