December 2015 Product Roadmap

This roadmap separates potential contribution sources into those developed by:

I. The core team (VillageReach as funded by the BMGF) with the input and involvement of the OpenLMIS Community

II. Those developed by partners with the input and involvement of the OpenLMIS Community (with an eye towards re-usability) as approved by the product and technical committees

III. Those developed by partners without input from the community in order to satisfy specific country implementations

This roadmap is a snapshot of the living roadmap


Core Team Pipeline

The OpenLMIS Re-Architecture is the primary focus of the core team for 2016


Being Developed with OpenLMIS Community and on Global Product Backlog


CHAI Mozambique


rorser@thoughtworks.comKits (Active discussion)Exploratory 12/2015+

CHAI Mozambique


rorser@thoughtworks.comReporting Framework (cube)Exploratory 

VillageReach, JSI

Sarah Jackson (Deactivated)Off-line requisitionsExploratory1/2016+

Please contact the OpenLMIS Product Committee about receiving support for your features


Being Developed and not on Global Product Backlog

Partner(s)ContactFunctionality Timeline
CHAI Mozambique

ThoughtWorks Mobile Android App Front-end7/2015+
JSI eLMIS Enhancements / DHIS2 Integration 
PATH Bar Code Library 

Vaccines, Routine Data Collection, CCE3/2015+



Informed Push Usability Release  7/2015 - 2/2016


Features the OpenLMIS Community is interested in supporting

See Product Backlog (Work in Progress)

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