Backlog Grooming Sprint 53

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Team Parrot

Sprint Goal: Finish Stock Reason Tagging and Enable Patch Release. Continue working on Bugs and TechDebt.

Stock Reason Tagging

OLMIS-4131 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Stock Based Requisitions (This is blocked by Stock Reason Tagging)

OLMIS-3850 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Diagram showing dependencies: here

Per the chart, the next work will be API Design SM stock out days. Sebastian Brudziński Nikodem Graczewski (Unlicensed) who will start writing the tickets for the work that needs to be completed?

Enable Patch Release

OLMIS-4115 - Getting issue details... STATUS  Jakub Kondrat to add next tickets here and respond to questions and gaps identified in the review.

Bugs and Tech Debt

Each sprint, Team Parrot's sprint will include up to 20% bugs and up to 20% tech debt tickets from the respective backlogs FYI Sebastian Brudziński & Nikodem Graczewski (Unlicensed)

Team Parrot to use 20% of their capacity to fix the following bugs in priority order (top to bottom):

key summary type priority status labels

Team Parrot to use 20% of their capacity to fix the following prioritized Tech Debt tickets:

key summary type priority status labels

Team Ona Gap Sprint 2

Sprint Goal: Reporting - DevOps Work for Reporting and Reporting - Data Ingestion and Analytic Data Schemas

Craig Appl (Unlicensed) to add tickets 

Team JSI Gap Sprint 1

Sprint Goal:  Requisition - R&R Product Lists

If possible, it would be good if the team could pull in one or two "quick win" (filter) to support developers getting up to speed on the OpenLMIS codebase.

 Ashraf to add tickets here

Team ILL

Sprint Goal: To prepare for Gap work and create a backlog for Team Parrot.

  • Josh Zamor  OLMIS-4566 - Getting issue details... STATUS   (Josh will update)
  • One idea is to focus on defining work for Team Parrot longer term.
  • Automated performance testing (use our end-to-end framework to automate the suite of manual tests that was used for v3.1.0-3.3.0.
  • Get demo data to a place where we can hand off to Team Parrot (not sure??) May need to have a conversation to understand what is next after the demo data spike  OLMIS-4658 - Getting issue details... STATUS
  • OLMIS-4703 - Getting issue details... STATUS  
  • OLMIS-4701 - Getting issue details... STATUS  

Non-dev work

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