2018-05-17 Meeting notes - Stock Reason Tagging & Stock Based Requisitions




  • Discuss the technical design for Stock Reason Tagging and Stock Based Requisitions

Discussion items

10minBusiness requirements vs. our original design
  • Based on meeting with Mary Jo
  • Some insights in the comment, here: 2018-05-15 Meeting notes
  • don't enforce business logic on which tags may be assigned to which reasons - that's categorization
  • don't require that a reason have a tag - again categorization
  • I don't think we need system and user tags - sounds again like categorization but I might misunderstand.

Which requisition template columns should expose tags?

Should total loss/adj use all other "unaccounted" reasons, or should it be by tags as well?

Tag everything!


API design for retrieval of Stock data (if not covered by reviews yet)

  • do we need additional grouping by reasons? (eg. for total losses/adjustments modal in requisitions)

proposed response, review

Requisition Line Itemnew endpoint definition

10minDefault / system tags - do we plan to add them?

Validations for tags - are they required, and if so, where?

  • Should every stock reason have at least one tag?
  • Should every SBR column that supports tag have one assigned?
  • We shouldn't enforce tags on Stock reasons
  • We should validate that the columns have tags
  • Sebastian Brudziński to see whether you can edit category/type for Stock Reasons via API and if so, create tech debt ticket to fix this
  • Sebastian Brudziński update the ticket that introduces tags to requisitions to mention validations
10minPerformance of Stock Reason TaggingJosh Zamor

Action items


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