February 9th 2016

Attendance Information


7AM PST - Seattle

10AM EST - New York, DC

5PM CEST - CEST, Geneva, Copenhagen, Joburg

6PM EAT - Dar

Link: https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=M299H1X42RL8F1ABXL3LOKN9TN-3O29&rnd=750730.25263

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Moving 2.0 to new dev

5 minutesKevin Cussen (Deactivated)
Discussing upcoming conference opportunities for an in-person15 minutesAll
Collateral Needs10 minutesTenly Snow (Deactivated)
Release Tags Explanation10 minutesKevin Cussen (Deactivated)

SIIL - Community support for new implementation

- Doses vs. Vials

- Calendar

- Coverage Screen Config


20 minutesKevin Cussen (Deactivated)


In attendance: Kevin Cussen, Gaurav Bhattacharya, Ashraf Islam, Lakshmi Balachandran, Renee Orser, Tenly Snow, Brian Taliesin

Moving 2.0 to new dev

Kevin described that the 2.0 branch has been merged into dev. When we're ready tag a release using the major.minor.patch system, there will be a pull request from dev to master. The 2.0 branch has been deleted.


Conference Schedule

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Per Renee's suggestion, Is there any upcoming travel where several of us will overlap?

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): I'm not going anywhere.

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): I'm more interested in knowing what conferences people are going to attend. Can find some time on the side.

Brian Taliesin: I'll be at GS1 in Dubai in April. GHSC as well (towards the end of the year). Connectathons for OpenHIE (one in Chicago, another as well). Don't have hard dates.

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): I'm thinking this should be a standing item on all calls. Thoughts?

Lakshmi Balachandran: Ok sounds good.

Tenly Snow (Deactivated): Looking over our calendar, we attended: GHSC, African Logistics, Health & Human Logistics last year.

Gaurav Bhattacharya (Unlicensed): What about VAN meetings? We're all probably connected in one way or another.

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Good insight - I'll do some investigation.


Collateral Needs

Tenly Snow (Deactivated): (Introduction). I'm interested in pulling the community together and effectively communicating what we're working on in order to open up new implementation opportunities for the community. To that effect, we're creating new marketing material. New introduction guide available in English + French, available on the wiki, the website, and hingx. If you have any questions, talk to me. I can also get you some nice printed copies.

Also in the works, "getting started guide for countries" - containing the basic steps a country would need to do to implement. Also, 1-pager on what the OpenLMIS community is. Unique animal in this open space world, especially in this global health space. Vibrant community to have support for countries is unique. Wanted to get a sense of what feedback you have on existing doc or what need you see for collateral. 

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): Focusing on case studies is a great way to make the conversation tangible. 

Tenly Snow (Deactivated): Agreed.

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): For someone who is interested, it gets the conversation going. Especially when you include different approaches from different geographies.

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Have you seen the JSI use cases from Tanzania and Zambia? May describe what you're looking for.

Tenly Snow (Deactivated): Haven't been able to find these on the JSI site.

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): I believe w only have a printed version, don't know about a PDF version. I can investigate.

Tenly Snow (Deactivated): That would be really helpful. Haven't been able to find a downloadable or sharable version.

(Someone shared the following link: http://deliver.jsi.com/dhome/countries/countrypubs?p_persp=PERSP_DLVR_CNTRY_TZ)

Brian Taliesin: Do you have any posters or anything else for conference attendees that we could bring to conferences such as the upcoming one in Vancouver (The Fourth Global Symposium on Health Systems Research)

Tenly Snow (Deactivated): No we don't. At recent conference in West Africa there wasn't much of an opportunity, do you think there will opportunity to display in Vancouver?

Brian Taliesin: Perhaps, will send link (see above).

Tenly Snow (Deactivated): Great, I think we have some graphics that will translate well. 


Release Tags Explanation

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): (See document attached below) Comments?

Lakshmi Balachandran: Seems basic, no comment.

Brian Taliesin: Who makes the call on numbering?

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): I don't know, presumably either the tech. comm. or the individual making the commit. Is this important to you?

Brian Taliesin: I've had some issues with DHIS2 where they'll release a patch without incrementing the path # and it'll break the build without informing us why. Need to be disciplined on always incrementing the patch number. Any time there is a diff. the patch number should be incremented.

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): Is that even possible?

Brian Taliesin: Yes, I've had things change without a patch increment. 

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): This logic sounds very similar to our approach in Mozambique. Works for me.


SIIL (Benin) - General Approach & Specific Requirements

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Two topics I'd like to cover, one general and one specific to features in Benin. For the general process, I've drawn a business process diagram and attached it to the "Additional Reading" portion (see below). Have I left anything out?

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): I think there is a missing step with the tech.comm. Where the high-level requirements of interest are discussed, we need to involve the Tech. Comm. ("TC") to discuss approach within the current arch. Since approach will guide design. The earlier the better. RO thinks where the cloud is on the diagram, there should be a TC touch point.. Understanding how the arch. choices will effect the design.

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): I discussed a potential touchpoint here with Rich Magnuson (Deactivated). He says he could see it go either way, but this makes sense. Will bring it up with the TC.

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): In the case where an implementer doesn't have a lot of tech contacts, earlier is better.

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): If any new features have been added, this would be a good tech / prod check-in. Another perspective is the country who may need additional support. When can they request support?

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): That's a good question, maybe slightly different than what I'm trying to get through here though. How do countries get involved? Similar to the idea of what Kevin Cussen (Deactivated) and Tenly Snow (Deactivated) have been brainstorming on, regarding the "how to get involved as a country" guide discussed earlier in the call. We can send this out to the product committee once it's a little less rough. Any other comments besides Renee and Ashraf?

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): Based on our experiences, when countries go forward with their own implementations with support of a global team, things become much more involved / difficult when you're actually doing the work in different locations. Coordination will be more of an issue than it would be on a single location team. 

Lakshmi Balachandran: No comments


Specific Features - Display in Doses or Vials

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): How granular should the choice between displaying in doses vs. vials be? By OpenLMIS instance? By product or facility?

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): For VIMS where we deal with vaccines. For quant purposes, both are captured. 

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): That makes sense, both are attributes of the product. But how do you display them?

Brian Taliesin: It can also change by level of the health system. At higher levels sometimes it's in vials, because they're transporting them. At lower levels they're in doses because there is service delivery. I've seen 2+ examples of this. There is increasing number of presentation changes coming down the pipe as well. Vials are being bought in different sizes for each antigen. We'll need a larger discussion with the tech committee on that. I could see this being simple to start with and then building out features over time. 

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Kevin will share high level reqs with this group and (and per Renee's suggestion) with the TC too. We will follow-up with recommendations for the Benin case.


Specific Features - Calendar

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): The requirement is simply to have a French calendar. Easy approach would be to hard-code it in French. We also have opportunity to create flexible language tags. 

Brian Taliesin: Are you doing anything about Ethiopian type dates? (i.e. non-Gregorian), 13 months. 

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Tell me more!

Renee Orser (Unlicensed): I had no idea. Is that used day-to-day? Are there software packages out there that show this?

Brian Taliesin: Yes, open source projects.

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): I don't believe this would come up here. However, definitely a requirement to keep in mind for the future. Also thanks for blowing our mind Brian.


Specific Features - Coverage Screen Config

Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): Lets start with this next time.  






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