2018-06-07 Meeting notes - Malawi Production support




  • Talk about current production support in MW
  • Talk about ideas to include more/new people in support

Discussion items

10minTalk about current production support workflow and issuesSebastian Brudziński
15min Talk about suggestions for MW support  team
  • rotation
    • transition period and some training would be required to get everyone up to speed
    • potentially more problematic for Jakub to answer everyone's question how to do stuff
    • most of production issues are documented on the known production issues page
    • everyone would need to get ssh access to the servers, credentials and potentially AWS
    • everyone would have a basic understanding of how to do support in case Jakub is out
  • junior developer (half time)
    • transition period and training required as well
    • outside developer who wouldn't bring any value to the core project
10minGeneral ideas about MW supportteam
  • Perhaps MW support team could have a meeting with core dev team once in a while to talk about issues and share latest support problems?

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