2018-06-26 Meeting notes



7am PST / 4pm CET

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  • See discussion items

Discussion items

10mAgenda and action item review

1-5minAPIs Tech Debt reviewŁukasz Lewczyński (Deactivated)Summarize future actions
3minMobile Strategy Discussion ReviewCraig Appl (Unlicensed)
20minFeature flagsMateusz Kwiatkowski
  • show example how to use them on UI and backend
  • ask about are there any potential improvements/changes
20minLocale consistencyChongsun Ahn (Unlicensed)Summarize work that needs to be done


APIs tech debt review

  • update sent to mailing list on tickets that we want to create
  • feedback provided by Chongsun
  • list of tickets is pretty much on the mailing list - Łukasz Lewczyński (Deactivated)

Mobile Strategy Discussion Review

  • Reviewed multiple open source mobile tools over the last 2 months
  • Continue building Stock Mgmt within OpenSRP after review as lowest risk
  • Stock events are generated in the OpenSRP Android client, pushed to OpenSRP server and Nifi performs the integration with OpenLMIS. There is a one-to-one mapping of stock events between OpenSRP and OpenLMIS where all stock events generated in OpenSRP will go to OpenLMIS.
  • Mobile Stock Management Integration Design Spec
  • OpenSRP and OpenLMIS Integration Path Forward

Feature flags

  • went with the easiest approach
  • feature flags are configured via env variables
  • UI feature flag example implemented for batch approval screen (enabling/disabling availability of the batch approve)
  • Backend feature flag example implemented fix to filter search for for facilities by geo zone
  • The UI example is long-lived feature flag that should be documented; the backend one is short-lived feature flag that will be removed
  • potential problem - SQL migrations (they are not conditional at the moment); we agreed to leave it for now and just revert the migration file for release in case it's needed
  • Feature Flags Read the docs

Locale consistency

  • created epic and several tickets there to make locale consistent
  • the focus of the epic is on the consistency for the end-user
  • two main parts were we use/need locale and need to handle it: UI and Jasper reports
  • start with the tickets to add locale/currency/date format to the system settings and make sure services are using it
  • for future iterations: allow users to specify the timezone they want to display times in (the field already exists in User resource)

Action items

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