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The Appy Saude creators, Pedro Beirao and Daniel Cohen, demo'd the Appy web app for the OpenLMIS Community on  

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Tenly Snow (Deactivated)

Craig Appl (Unlicensed)

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

Dércio Duvane

Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Pedro & Daniel - Appy

Tenly's notes: 

  • "Personal health wallet" element
  • List of pharmacies in Angola - right now includes 1500 pharmacies 
  • Can be demonstrated geographically - based on distance from the user 
  • 800 facilities in Luanda alone 
  • Next step in their development - including stock information and online ordering 
  • Product can be reserved online and will be held by the pharmacy for 24 hours 
  • Over 26k people who have downloaded the app. Just launched the web app. 
  • Launched beta version of the online pharmaceutical ordering platform very recently. Available but still in beta. 
  • When users order/reserve a product, they may receive a notice that the facility is out of stock. 
  • Pharmacists need to go into the app every day to update their stock information. If they don't update the information then they lose the opportunity to sell to patients. 
  • CSV upload for product list 
  • Looking to develop the back end for pharmacists, companies, etc., possibly using OpenLMIS stock management to improve their management and stock view. 
  • Potential to integrate with the modules in OpenLMIS for SM that have already been developed 
  • Question from Craig: Feedback from customers to pharmacy? Ratings? Feedback to Appy developers on whether/not a pharmacy should be included in the system? 
  • Appy sends an email requesting information, review on experience. 
  • Users can leave a review, also has a feedback channel on the mobile app. 
  • September - Report button. Users can report incorrect information (wrong phone #, location, etc.) and can report any other related problems. 
  • Can ask community for feedback
  • Architect/developer to do a consultancy 

Information on license 

GNU Affero General Public License:

Craig's notes:

Appy Saude is a health platform that provides information about pharmacies, hospitals, locations, photos, insurance, etc. This free application brings in information from multiple sources to a single source.

They have collected facility information across the entire country with Geolocations. The app includes a map view of all locations. This supports the regional. When you click on a pharmacy, you are able to see details of the pharmacy, services, etc. All of this has been collected by the Appy Saude team. The geospatial component includes locations that are close to the user on the device. (This is very similar to other services like yelp and Google Maps.)

Key Innovations:

  • Each pharmacy has a list of available products that can be sold. Users can reserve a particular item in a pharmacy in a particular location. (ecommerce)
  • Pharmacies have the ability to track their orders online, update prices and manage their current stock on hand.

The solution also includes a health wallet for the users. The solution includes a web version.

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