August 30, 2018 followup meeting





Chat Captures

Call Opening

Sustainability Conversation- Lenati vs Resonance

Most favored Resonance over Lenati prior to this meeting

Kaleb Brownlow (Unlicensed) & Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

Has anyone's decision changed since their followup responses?

Resonance: Seems to better grasp and fit with our mission. Multiple concerns raised re: their timeline does seem quite long. Can we shorten it down to 6 or 7 months? Matt: They make the most sense and have a strong private sector angle

Lenati: Carl: Has reservations on Lenati regarding their focus. We want decision made by mid-2019 so either candidate would need to adhere to this

In conclusion: Most seem comfortable with Resonance; voting members who are on the call agreed

Next steps: pursue phase 1 contracting with Resonance; and give them a few months of this work , then ask them to re-think the timeline. Could build in a milestone into the contract, post phase 1, which would require a review. From ease of contracting point of view it would be easier to commit to a full contract for one company or the other. Push them at the beginning on shortening the timeline-second part of contract is contingent upon whether phase 1 is 'satisfactory'

  • mid-late Q2 would be desired timeline. If they can't deliver on that timeline we should find out quickly and move on
  • Brittney will reach out to Resonance to get this process started. Translate concept note into revised SOW. Goal to have something in place by end of September, to have an October start.

Side-note: We are doing a digital health marketing segmentation exercise; one of the examples we look at will probably be OpenLMIS. Look at financial models, public/private sector engagement. Whichever vendor we use will be engaging with Skye Gilbert (who is leading this work). Hope to have something share-able by October, this will be shared with the vendor


Talk through what Josh presented at Gov committee meeting

Josh Zamor 

This discussion is a follow up from the Governance Committee meeting where Carl, Parambir and Kaleb requested a discussion or Q&A on the approach presented. 

Proposed Priority:

Priority 1: Facility List (using the mCSD profile) - underway

Priority 2: DHIS 2 - not specific to TZ and will be a universal approach to integration across multiple countries. 

Questions and discussion:

  • Kaleb: will this be reliant on Oslo? → Answer: no
  • Ashraf: will OpenLMIS be changing DHIS2? → Answer: no
  • Josh: will be making indicators available for DHIS2.
  • Parambir: 

Re voting, Rebecca Alban will follow up with remaining voting members to obtain Yes/No to the priority order of DHIS2 is next and then Google Analytics.

Priority 1

  • Yes: Carl, Brandon, Parambir, Edward

Priority 2

  • Yes: Edward, Brandon
  • Abstain: Parambir, Carl

Request for vote:

  • will be on the priority order (not the how the integration will be done)

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