2018-09-11 Performance Workshop




  • Review performance issues on UAT

Discussion items

  • database on UAT is smaller (micro size) than on test (medium size) - maybe this is the root cause?
  • credits equal to 0 on UAT

Gateway Timeout occurs on:

  • Requisitions > Create/Authorize Requisition - initiating a requisition
  • Rejecting and approving requisitions
  • Stock Management > Issue - creating an issue
  • Stock Management > Adjustment - creating an adjustment
  • Stock Management > Receive - creating a receive
  • Stock Management > Physical Inventory - the whole screen
  • Administration screens: Requisition Groups, Supervisory Nodes
  • Administration > Ideal Stock Amounts - uploading ISAs

Action items

  • Create a ticket to increase loading time on servers
  • Sebastian Brudziński to increase database size for UAT

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