October 16, 2018

Monthly OpenLMIS Governance Committee Call. This meeting includes members of the governance committee, as well as anyone else interested in participating. 


  • 7:00 - 8:00 AM PST - Seattle
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST - New York, DC
  • 3:00 PM CET - Geneva, Copenhagen
  • 5:00 PM EAT - Dar

Call Details

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Action items for next call  


Action Items from September Governance

  • Rebecca circulate TP document and give folks 1 week to comment on TP logo branding guidance
  • Rebecca invite SolDevelo to participate in governance committee as a trusted partner
  • Wes to follow up on Discourse implementation (ongoing)





Chat Captures

Introductions and Call opening

Roll call and quick introductions by all the participants.  

Current implementations-updates on what stage they are at, activities, etc.  

Brandon Bowersox-JohnsonFormer user (Deleted) & Ashraf
  • Mozambique (VR implementer, Brandon)- VR are finishing a short engagement with Chemonics/PSM; looking at gaps to update SIGLUS
  • Angola (VR implementer, Brandon)- VR are currently doing an assessment to lay groundwork for OpenLMIS deployment to update their system from paper-based. → Brandon to follow up over email with Carl and Parambir over email
  • Cameroon (CHAI implementer, Satish)- Concept note, developed with Christine, submitted to GAVI 1 month ago. Haven't heard back officially- trying to coordinate to see what additional information they need
  • Malawi (VR)- Current task order ends in December. VR is talking to PSM folks about what capacity building efforts are needed to move our current implementation
  • Zambia they wanted additional analytics dashboard; Facility Edition- has been upgraded from desktop version to a web version; a facility would have one central installation of the FE (instead of many installations). 
    • FOLLOW UP Request for Ashraf to provide a link; he will provide it to Mary Jo or Rebecca
  • Guinea (JSI)- provided reports on backfixes;
  • Tanzania VIMS (JSI) - CDI (JSI)- haven't received many requests and dont have ongoing contract

Implementation Opportunities for more details on current pipeline.

New Trusted Partner Update 

Continued Discussion from last meeting:

Should all Trusted Partners be required to sign a letter to comply with principles of TPs? For transparency and clear expectations it could be a good idea to have all TPs sign up to adhere principles outlined in the Trusted Partner doc FOLLOW UP Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to draft this document  

  • Trusted Partner logo created- draft guidance on logo usage and the logo files have been added to Trusted Partner document.   Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) circulated draft language and logos via our googlegroup- thanks for your comments FOLLOW UP Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to finalize this language
  • We decided not to worry about trademarking at this time; intellectual property should be lumped in with other sustainability work
  • Here is the new TP logo:

Upcoming Trusted Partner Debrief Meeting-Oct 25 will outline our approach as our community to identifying and perusing implementation opportunities. Will clarify roles, responsibilities, and expectations of the core OpenLMIS team and Trusted Partners in this process. Will be time for discussion and feedback as well.

Comparison Matrix of Different OpenLMIS versions/productsCarl Leitner

This is something that we can use with clients

Would like to re-energize this activity:

1) who is interested in participating? FOLLOW UP Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) & Ashraf will support on this

2) ISG is developing a set of functional requirements for SCM systems

Draft document is accessible here

Want the WHO functional requirements aligned with the ISG- hope to get all of these aligned

Sustainability update 

Kaleb Brownlow (Unlicensed)

Vendor Contracting and Kick Off

Kaleb Brownlow (Unlicensed)  sent an email out to the group to kick off the process with a meeting on Oct 30th

Review of expectations for the meeting

Grant Spend & Proposal Update 

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

Using actual data for demo, performance, and reporting

We would like to update the governance of this challenge and risk to current work.

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)Brandon Bowersox-Johnson

We are constantly constrained by our inability to obtain large data sets from our current implementations. Challenge is that we don't have access to robust set of actual data. We have tried to obtain VIMS (obtained approval) but couldn't get the data. How do we address this risk?

This is challenging for us to do development work; and a risk. We did try to get data from Tanzania; approval was given but we were not able to get the data. 

There was a previous mis-communication between the country team and others. Ashraf and Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) to continue to coordinate...

Any updates? Ashraf: regarding VIMS data; we have been asked to write a formal letter to be signed by the Permanent Secretary in order to get approval for them to share the data. Henry has a good relationship with their PS. 

FOLLOW UP Ashraf to lead on this; Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) can send the letter that was previously used for Ashraf to leverage. Carl Leitner to support with looping in Henry Mwanyika (DUP Tanzania)

Conferences and Meetings

Conferences provide the community the opportunity for OpenLMIS members to speak or represent the OpenLMIS software and community in public forum.



  • Global Health Supply Chain Summit (GHSCS)
    • Lusaka, Zambia, November 28-30
    • http://ghscs.com/
    • Abstracts submitted; still waiting on acceptance notices
    • Some of the GAP funding that was requested might not be approved; the team should re-submit the request with additional details about GAP activities to be conducted in Zambia, such as associated site visits to see FE and CE 
  • Global Digital Health Forum
    • Washington, DC December 10th
    • Abstract to participate in panel accepted ''Facilitating collaboration to accelerate, scale and improve digital health global goods ''
    • Poster accepted
  • Digital Square Global Goods Implementers Meeting-
    • Likely to be Dec 13th (date TBC)
    • 2 members of OpenLMIS core steward team to attend
  • Angola
    • Linking facility data (Connect-A-Thon)
    • Postponed 
  • Tanzania Health Supply Chain
    • October 10-11, 2018 
  • Matt Berg to Geneva in November to visit Global Fund
    • Should have follow up discuss how to position OpenLMIS

World Health Summit (Carl) for digital health principles? 

Global Good Guidebook will be presented (OpenLMIS is featured in here)


Opportunities Roundtable

Definitions to use shared terminology:

  • Implementation opportunity: an opportunity for an implementation or deployment of the OpenLMIS software.  Usually this is done at a national or sub-national level within a ministry of health. This can also include feature work which would be done within the implementation and contributed back to the global codebase.
  • Community opportunity: a funding opportunity to support an organization or individual to work directly on the global codebase and/or administrate the community processes. This may include funding specific features on the community roadmap.
Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

Community implementation opportunities:

  • This Trello table is being updated on an ongoing basis; to help the core team to track and manage implementation opportunities, but also provides a detailed snapshot of the scope and status of current implementation opportunities for stakeholders.

*To discuss at next meeting in Nov

Conflict of Interest-

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)
Cite examples from recent Cote d'Ivoire opportunity:
What do we do when a Trusted Partner decides not to support the OpenLMIS v3?  Or how does OpenLMIS decide When to not propose OpenLMIS when there is a system in country or a local entity is proposing a custom solution?


Community and Product Updates
Product Updates
Community Updates

Community Meeting


Mattias Wiklund (Unlicensed)Brandon Bowersox-JohnsonAshrafCarl LeitnerParambir S Gill (Unlicensed)Edward WilsonMatt Berg (Unlicensed)Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Jakub SławińskiFormer user (Deleted), Gaurav Bhattacharya