2018-10-29 QA Weekly Meeting notes




  • Release Planning 
  • Include requirements in test strategy
  • Review new test cases as they are created

Discussion items


3.5 Release Candidate test plan

  • Risk 1: When to schedule (Starts in Sprint 113)
    • Still in discussion on when to start Release Candidate testing due to Zambia trip (Nov 26-30)
    • Can we start regression testing and Malawi UAT with a smaller subset of team members during that week? Nov 26th
    • Plan release candidate testing for a longer period of time?

  • Status of test plan creation
    • Reorganizing testing to focus on new features first, then regression testing
    • Reviewing test cases created by other teams and adding them to the CoreRegression label OR has this been discussed in Tech Committee?
  • Where do we expect to be with functional testing by the time we start release testing?

Tasks before Release Candidate testing starts:

  • Environments needed
    • Need to let Josh know in advance how many environments we want to set up
    • Who will own each environment? This needs to be listed in the test plan
  • Resources
  • Communication (before we start and during)
  • Exploratory testing & Batch Approval testing
  • Reviewing test cases from JSI before adding them to release candidate testing

Bugs that must be fixed before release candidate

  • Blocker and critical bugs
  • Malawi bugs?

Setting up and managing bug triage

  • Core and Malawi should be included
  • Monitoring Malawi UAT

Sam Im (Deactivated)

Create different test cycles for each team that contain multiple components in each test cycle.

Reorganize test cases by new features first?

Reviewing test cases when they are new: Test cases that haven't been reviewed should be in a QA status. QA person will review test case and decide if the test is a CoreRegression testing. 

Every 2-3 sprints, review test cases that were tested or impacted by the most recent changes. Check test cases to ensure they are still valid and steps are correct.

  • Include requirement to periodically review test cases in test strategy
  • Review new test cases as they are created

Action items