Documents for Research on OpenLMIS potential

Dear OpenLMIS community,

As Resonance and partners research potential applications for OpenLMIS, please use this file list to share any relevant documents. Thanks!

Example things Resonance wants to review:

  • Learn more about the capabilities of the OpenLMIS product itself (to see how much the feature set applies to other markets) –
    • Kim: Yes, plus aspirations for future releases, as well as insight into feedback/analytics received from current users
    • Mary Jo: I would suggest you start here: Configuration Guide for Implementer/Administrator as it outlines at a high level what business processes are supported leveraging the framework put forth by the CRDM. You can also review the mapping of the OpenLMIS features to the SCOR reference model in further detail here : OpenLMIS and SCOR Framework. In addition, you can review the the Functional Documentation for a more detailed and user story based view of the features. Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) has also loaded up some documents for your review. 
    • Mary Jo: The high-level product roadmap is here : Living Product Roadmap
    • Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) and I can also give the team a demo if you think that would be useful.  Please feel free to reach out and schedule.
    • Brandon: I feel the current product does have a unique value proposition and it fills a place in the market. See for recent trip report about that. In addition, I feel we need to explore much more deeply how the current feature set applies to other markets. Regarding agriculture, as I have tried to examine that space, I do not see that the same workflows (Requisitions) are used, and I see that other features that OpenLMIS does not have are critical, such as handling prices and payments. Regarding NGOs such as Medair or AmeriCares, I feel there is much more potential for overlap/applicability of the current feature set. This is my rough impression and it needs professional examination.
  • Collect market information on the maintenance/support contracts (EG the current annual budgets that each implementing partner receives to maintain/support OpenLMIS implementations) 
    • Mary Jo: currently I can point you to our example cost drivers in the Implementer Toolkit (here).  I suggest you reach out to each implementation and see if they are willing to share their budgets for this process. Christine Lenihan may be able to send you the budget for Malawi.
  • collect market information on implementation projects (EG how much each implementation costs, what is the pipeline of future implementations over the next 3-5 years, what is the ‘total market size’ of the current market) – Yes, as well as a history of implementations thus far (has OpenLMIS pulled out of any markets?)
    • Mary Jo: I suggest taking a look at our Implementation map on the website (here) to get an overview of the number of implementations.  We also have a high-level list of number of facilities which data is being stored in OpenLMIS here
  • Gather inquiries we get about OpenLMIS (so you can see the kinds of features or needs that other organizations have, such as Medair & Americares) – Yes, as well as any competitor analysis that’s been conducted
    • Mary Jo: this is challenging to pull together as there isn't any repository of this information. I'd request your team help us identify the needs of these organizations through your interviews. I believe that Stew Stremel and folks at EMPOWER have done a competitor analysis of the electronic LMIS landscape in the past, but I do not have access to those at this time.  Let me know if you want introductions to those people to see if they are willing to share what they've done. 
    • Brandon: Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) is it possible to export all the inquiries from the last 12 months or something? It would be great to share so there is an idea of the geographic interests, the types of organizaitons interested, and so that Resonance could see the few that are legitimate/viable potential implementations and understand why the OpenLMIS Community partners won and lost some of those opportunities. Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) I have shared our Inquiry Form (over email) with James so he has access to the details of our 'serious' inquiries. 
  • Strategy/vision documents, as well as any key pieces of research that have informed the strategy
    • Mary Jo: Mission and vision:  I have some Theory of Change documents and older strategy documents if they are useful, but perhaps we should discuss this on a call to make sure I'm providing what you are looking for.
  • Any recent presentations that provide an overview of KPIs, forecasted vs. actuals, tracking on implementations, strategic plans, etc.
    • Mary Jo: I'd like to hear more about this request to ensure I'm clear on what you are asking for. It would be great if you could send me a meeting request to discuss this. Thanks.

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