Notes from In-person Reporting Meetings in Dar es Salaam - October 29 - November 2

Next steps

      • Articulate benefits of reporting platform (Clay)
      • Cost out
        • Ona-led
        • JSI/TZ-led
        • Ona guided
        • eLMIS retrofit (Clay)
        • V3 upgrade (Alfred and Brandon)
      • Articulate benefits of v3 (Alfred and Brandon)

General notes / big takeaways

  • The team was positive about the platform and its functionality
      • We need to be able to give them the platform to incentivize a v3 upgrade
      • Needs to be done with TZ specific data
  • Desire to fit the reporting stack to TZ
    • Encourage buy-in from key stakeholders
      • Unclear definition of who a sponsor would be to push an upgrade. MoH ICT minister?
    • Demo instance needs:
      • TZ demo data
      • TZ specific instance
      • Map v2 data to data model
        • Clay to work with Hassan to determine LOE

Notes on specific reports:

Reporting rate and timeliness

      • What's the link between reporting and stock on hand?
        • The fact that a facility has reported does not necessarily mean it has adequate stock
      • Superset enhancement
        •  Map with outline plus heatmap
        •  Color coding in the table
      • Include contact info for non-reporting
        •  Phone numbers


      •  Add periods of stock
      •  Want to see national level stock status
      •  Look into periods of stock data discrepancy


      • Tracer products --> flag


      • Useful to see $$ information
      • E9
      • How to consistently id order between eLMIS and E9

Technical input

      • Tabular form with:
        •  # of facilities expected to report
        •  # of facilities that did report
        •  # of facilities that did report per item
        •  % availability of item

Lab equipment module

      • Seeing large expirys of lab agents

Wema's reports

      • Tracers --> governemnt gives a tracer list
        • Do we want to set it as a flag? Probably during the view
      • Generates stockout rate, stock levels per period
      • End user verification
        •  Facilities stocked out of ALL ALus 3/4, 2/4, etc.
        • Wema to show extract
        • Index of availability
      • Impact teams


      • Combines data from multiple sources
      • Want to see breakdown of spending per facility
      • Responding to push of fund utilization
      • Bring funding together
      • Compare cost of emergency orders versus regular orders
      • Don't always get full supply when they order stuff
      • Prime vendor model
        • Redesigned it to fill in gaps where MSD couldn't supply commodities
        • Should be able to supply commodities at same price as MSD
        • Place emergency orders to prime vendors out of necessity (1 regular order per month)

Products shared by multiple programs

      • All shared products go on the same form for requesting and come in on the same order

Meeting with Wema

      • Stock Imbalance by Facility
      • Stockout Rate
        • LMU review orders for accuracy
        • Provide mentorship on proper forecasting and ordering
        • List of districts / regions below threshold
        • Highlight when goes below threshold
        • Funding constraints
        • Count of facilities with tracer products convert to rate
        • Work with LMU to do root cause analysis
        • MSD --> medical stores department --> 12 zones, each with 1 LMU
        • Tracer commodities --> auto-save the tracers as filters
        • Stockouts have thresholds
        • ARVs have best stockout rate -- 6-8% (target 5%)
        • Essential meds have worst stockout rate -- < 20%

Meeting with Mavere

      • Moving from transactional stuff to analytics
        • Want to empower the team to be analytics advisors
        • LMU staff need to take point
      • Geospatial --> important

Meeting with Michael John

      • Wema reports stockout rate
      • MJ analyzes product availability of implementing regions
      • Facilities buy health commodities from a MSD then they have another system to buy from
        • Via prime vendor --> more expensive, only supposed to order from here during stockout at MSD
      • How much has been spent in procuring commodities outside of MSD
        • Private sector system
      • Add a column to eLMIS to capture amount and to flag the source of the funding
      • FARRS
      • Most of the data is collected manually (via paper by traveling to facilities)
      • All commodities procured outside of MSD are incorporated into eLMIS
        • Price per unit, units
        • Get a box of commodities from MSD -->  enter itemized prices
        • Get another box of commodities from private --> enter itemized prices from invoice
        • Plug in a column for the cost - to disaggregate stock received from MSD versus private / external
        • Ideal state --> who is sending it and how much they spent on it
      • Look at stockout rate and compare against many things
        • Patients visited
        • Support from private vendor (prime model)
      • Reasons for stockout
        • Stockout / inadequate stock at MSD
        • Lack of $
        • Transport logistics
      • Need to monetize the commodities with fee schedules
      • When ordering from MSD
      • Government provides quarterly allowance in MSD account
        • Each facility has a subaccount
        • If MSD account is depleted then they can top up with own money from other services --> use this to buy stuff from prime vendor
        • Some commodities are free --> this should be flagged
      • When submitting an order, see the estimated cost
      • Prime vendors have another protocol for ordering
      • Prioritize user requests for incorporation into dashboard?
      • TL;DR
        • See total amount received
        • Total cost received
        • Broken down by supplier and commodity
        • Want to see this aggregated

Meeting with Peace and Annette

      • Stock status --> combine stockouts with stock status
      • Stock status
      • Overstocked calculation
        • Primary focus is around closing balance
        • Stockouts --> show where the stockout is coming from
      • Consumption
        • Adjusted consumption is inflated by stockout days
        • If stocked out for half of month --> adjusted consumption = 2 * actual consumption
          • Not influenced by emergency consumption
        • Adjusted consumption is ok
        • Add filter for emergency v regular orders
        • Compare against AMC
        • Show total consumption
      • Order & item fill rate
        • "order discrepancy"
        • Connect order from Q1 to amount received in Q2
        • RSH what quantity received is
        • Compare amount actually ordered versus what system said you should order
        • Capture reason for emergency orders
        • Rejection reasons --> standardize
      • Number of emergency orders approved in quarter versus number reported
        • Or percentage
      • Expected orders
      • Rejected R&s

Zonal reports

      • R&R approved by user
        • Right now just for previous year
        • Make it flexible
      • Active users
        • R&R initiators
      • Emergency orders broken down by period, region, district, facility