3.7 Scope Planning


This planning has occurred in the Product Committee calls from March, April, and May of 2019 as well as on Discourse and during in-person meetings with SolDevelo in Poland during April, 2019.

Discourse Threads

Feature Discussion: https://forum.openlmis.org/t/potential-post-v3-6-features/5028

Proposed Features

These features are not prioritized and have not been confirmed by the community for version 3.7. They are listed here along with any supporting epics and documentation. See PC: April 23 2019 for the notes on the initial discussion of these features.

  • Batch Approval - Refining the existing feature. Ability to select and process multiple requisitions. Add ability to select more than 10 requisitions (at least 80), also need to reduce the amount of data transmitted

  • Offline for Stock Mgmt - Stock management does not currently support offline functionality, this would include determining what to support and how.

    • Will the simple approach used for Requisitions work for Stock Management?

    • This will likely require a deeper discussion to properly design
    • Epic:  OLMIS-1621 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Documentation:
  • Demo-data - Need better data for demoing the system, currently contains a lot of automatically generated data. Would likely split the dataset into demo data and testing/performance data

  • Admin screen wizards - Configuration UI to help with the setup or update of OpenLMIS. Areas that might be improved include facility and product configuration

  • Administrative messages - System-level messages to users (discussed in PC: April 9 2019)

    • Epic:  OLMIS-6200 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Documentation:
  • Tracing specific products (Tracer Products)

    • Epic: 
    • Documentation:
  • Cost summary in stock mgmt - Small UI change to show the overall cost summary for various stock changes

    • Epics:
      • AO-73 - Getting issue details... STATUS
      • OLMIS-5726 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Documentation:
  • Update/versioning of orderables - Ability to update the product

  • Product Aliases - Allow searching for a product by unofficial (local) names
  • Stock Management Performance (with Angola team) - There is a lot of low-hanging fruit here! Will have to identify which screens to focus on and create a plan for addressing all of the known performance issues
  • Products in Multiple Programs 
    • Specifically for Requisitions and Reports (and Stock Management?)
    • May have to consider GS1
    • How would product updates work? Would they update all programs or just a single?
  • Expansions to Kitting Functionality
    • From the Configuration Guide: "OpenLMIS 3.0 does not currently support more advanced workflows for kits, such as: creating your own GTIN and publishing your kit via a GDSN data provider; connecting the contents inside the kit with the kit itself; tracking lots or batches once they are re-packaged inside a kit. For more about kit-related functionality that may be added in the future, see Working Notes on Products, Kits, Packaging."
  • Program Data Collection
    • Epic:  OLMIS-549 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Documentation:
  • Offline Reporting - Generated online but accessible offline (in some form)
    • Epic:  AO-40 - Getting issue details... STATUS
    • Documentation:
  • Stock Management Smart Facility List
    • Epic:
    • Documentation:

Proposed Feature Priorities

Update/Version of OrderablesHighMedium

The lack of updatable orderables results in significant time spent each month to manually process product updates for country implementations

Stock Management PerformanceHigh
The Angola team has already started working on this and it is not clear what, if anything, will need to be contributed by the core team
Admin-Screen WizardsHighMediumThere seems to be a lot of interest from the community on this feature
Administrative MessagesMediumSmall
Product AliasesMediumMedium
Demo DataMediumLarge (??)
Tracer ProductsMediumLarge (??)
Batch ApprovalMediumLarge
Stock Management OfflineMediumExtra LargeThis is a complex task and would almost certainly be a large-sized epic.
Expansions to Kitting FunctionalityMediumLarge
Program Data CollectionMediumLarge (??)Can this feature be broken down into smaller amounts of work? For specific programs? This has been identified as a key gap to be able to utilize OLMIS for certain projects.
Products in Multiple Programs

Stock Management Cost Summaries

Offline Reporting

Stock Management Smart Facility List

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