Product Viability & Costing

Resonance and VillageReach are working together to determine product viability and costing for enhancements to OpenLMIS. As part of the OpenLMIS Sustainability project, this effort will help determine whether there are additional use cases, new customers, partners, and/or revenue streams that are viable for OpenLMIS; and evaluate the attainability and feasibility of those opportunities.

The objectives of this effort are to:

  • Establish a framework for comparing workflows and discussing module applicability for other sectors / uses
  • Ensure messaging to potential partners and customers is accurate, consistent, and easily digestible
  • Determine the costs associated with potential product changes to OpenLMIS
  • Inform strategy and decision-making
  • Support initial prototyping.

Please send any feedback or comments to

Ongoing To-Do List:

Immediate Next Steps:

  • Adjust page and sub-page folder permissions as needed (Rebecca)
  • Add insights during the week of July 29 (VillageReach)
  • Share information about the ThoughtWorks white label opportunity and any other white label opportunities that come to mind (Brandon?)

Longer-Term Steps:

  • Share set of customer interview questions for feedback (Alice/Kim → VillageReach)
  • Compile bullets of what customers are looking for, so that the team can estimate orders of magnitude of investment (Alice/Kim → VillageReach)


  • Create a wiki page “Product Viability & Costing” for this effort (Kim)
  • Using the Functional Documentation as a starting point, build out a page / sub-pages for the VR team to add insights (Kim)
  • Schedule next meeting for the week of August 5 (Kim via Sierra)
  • Share the Grand Challenges in Humanitarian Response proposal PDF (Rebecca)

Potential Next Steps

TaskResponsible PartyStatus
Cost estimates for private health product software developmentWes with DipaWorking on scope to refine cost estimates
Marketing cost - is it more like advocacy/communications or more like sales staff (meeting customers, demo'ing) or more likeBrandonON HOLD - for now we have enough inputs
Pitch DeckBrandon?, UI DesignerShould we do this? (I did get a cost estimate from the UI Designer)