Demo for Unfpa

OpenLMIS participantsWesley BrownRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Brian Taliesin

UNFPA : Pascal Barate (Business development Specialist), Smitha Rao (Consultant, commodity security branch), Siham Nuseibeh (Supply Chain team), Kate Wright (Supply Chain Advisor)

Background: Josh was introduced to Thinlay (aka Nono) at OpenHIE last year and he connected stewards to UNFPA colleagues based in New York who are interested in supply chain strengthening activities in their project countries 

Rebecca gave intro to the product and community, Wes gave a demo, and Brian gave background of the CRDM


-what is offline functionality?

--Can the costs be put in local currency?
--What about when you are dealing with donated products? Do you have to have the costs in there?  (no)

--What type of overlap is happening in Malawi with the VAN Project? 

Next steps:

Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to send follow up email with Getting Started Guide

Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to link with someone working with the VAN (??) in Malawi to Kate Wright (Matt K)