June 28th 2016

Attendance Information


8:15AM PST - Seattle

11:15AM EST - New York, DC

5:15PM CEST - CEST, Geneva, Copenhagen, Joburg

6:15PM EAT - Dar

Link: https://meetings.webex.com/collabs/#/meetings/detail?uuid=M299H1X42RL8F1ABXL3LOKN9TN-3O29&rnd=99798.011318

Meeting Number: 192 173 465

Host Key: 352864

Audio Connection:  +1-415-655-0001 


Discussion of CHAI Android app v3 feature set15 minutes
GS1 Standards for OpenLMIS & USAID Logical Reference Model10 minutes
Approach for Program Data in OpenLMIS (XForms, logically separate JSON storage, etc.)10 minutes
Update: USAID SOW Request2 minutes
Gavi iNFUSE: Jake (OpenLMIS); Marasi & Chris (TZ, Ethiopia eLMIS) 





In attendance: 

  • Ashraf Islam - JSI
  • Chris George - ThoughtWorks
  • Danni Yu - ThoughtWorks 
  • Lakshmi Balachandran - CHAI 
  • Jake Watson - VillageReach 

GS1 Discussion

Ministries of health visibility into the supply chain, what requests are coming. Donors want to see current stock levels.  Some of the current areas addressed are:

  • Barcodes
  • Scanning

Action item: VillageReach to continue updating the group on OpenLMIS scope of support of GS1.

Program Data Discussion

Instances are being forked because of the need for additional program data collection.

Jake Watson (Deactivated)said we are starting on this on the next sprint.  Outlined the approach we are planning to take, details.  Asked others to raise questions, issues, and comments.

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed)raised the issues related to validation rules, formulas, and any online calculations needed (validation cannot go beyond the current form or historical) which results custom coding.  Most of these needs are within requsitions.

Danni Yu (Unlicensed) brought up the need for sub-programs.  A program can have multiple forms with different sections.

  • Advantages for this approach: Form authoring can be done outside of OpenLMIS. Options for validation and formulas and will produce HTML. Ability to collect offline and mobile. 
  • Challenges with this approach: If program data needs to reference/validate/report with OpenLMIS data (requisitions/equipment/etc), unclear how this would be achieved.  

Action item: Update the stories to reflect the sub-programs use case. VR will continue moving forward with the approach but delaying the work.


Jake sent a response to Lindabeth (USAID), no response yet.  Jake, restated this proposal is about getting to a SOW by doing a gap-analysis and regional meeting.  This is not about upgrading countries, that wouldn’t happen until 2018(ish) and each country would need specific funding for that.


GAVI Discussion

GAVI is holding an INFUSE workshop to bring together the private sector and NGOs to help scale up.  Theme is data and interoperability. VillageReach is attending on behalf of OpenLMIS. 

Jake Watson (Deactivated)Who is attending from JSI?

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed)Marasi and Chris Wright 





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