SoS 2016-07-25



Discussion items

  • What has your team done since we last met?
  • What will your team do before we meet again?
  • Is there anything slowing your team down or getting in their way?
  • Are you about to put something in another team's way?


  • Static doc discussion/questions on dev forum
  • dockerhub publishing:  auth repo needs webhook for Jenkins to trigger build.  


  • Extension module PoC on example repo; dev forum post.
  • RAML doc on MVC APIs
  • Styleguide, still WIP. 



Story Management
  • Process for 'Dead' items (remove Epic, release, etc.)
Sprint v5 planningteam

What's on deck for the next sprint?

Soldevelo visit to SeattleteamReview tentative agenda.
Code Review Process updates

Brief FYI on updates to code review process

Meeting timesteamAre we happy with the current meeting schedule?

Action items

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