SoS 2016-08-22

Discussion items

  • UI being built currently as a Docker image - go with Docker
  • OLMIS-922 is blocked by OLMIS-923 (Create matching Transifex project for this Requisition-UI Repo/Project). - will be done shortly
  • Starting sequence diagrams and UML for v3


Activity diagrams

Catalog of existing OpenLMISv2 Requisitions-UI API Calls (Done, but needs to be posted on Wiki as well)

Multiple activity diagrams in review

Integration tests converted to unit tests

UML diagram for reference data - currently dropping SDR

In progress - Requisitions UI



Activity diagrams

Demo data - as json, ability to convert it to sql

Sequence diagram for POD


In progress - implementing the product model

Starting implementation of RBAC

Action items

OpenLMIS: the global initiative for powerful LMIS software