Version 3.10 Release Planning

May 7, 2020

Proposed Features

  • Physical Inventory is likely to be different than the rest of the inventory pages

  • Physical inventory is likely the best place to start

    • This would be a useful area of offline functionality for users

  • How does synchronization work? How do we deal with upstream changes?

  • Offline support should follow offline patterns established by requisition service

  1. Added performance tests similar to what we have for the requisition service

    1. Where is performance data come from? We can’t just use Malawi data like we do for the requisition service testing

    2. More complicated than requisitions, very difficult to create test data. Having data from an implementation would be very helpful

    3. Figuring out automated, end-to-end testing and gathering of performance data

      1. Functional tests would have to be added to the stock management service prior to this

  2. Identifying and fixing major performance issues

Vaccine-related improvements and fixes


Extend release timeframe for 1 month to the end of July

Offline support for Physical Inventory page

Transition current performance tests to automated

Next Steps:

  1. Add user stories to epics

  2. Feedback from community on designs and open questions


  • What is the release schedule?

    • Wes - Suggests keeping to the same schedule (release at end of June)

    • Sebastian - Don’t release if we don’t have much new to release, there is significant overhead in our release process. The offline work is initially quite heavy and we would likely only have 1 month of dev work available; this is unlikely to be enough time to complete much.

  • What is the expected ongoing amount of work for the COVID project with CHAI?

    • Wes - Expected to ramp down significantly after 1-2 weeks

    • Sebastian - The transition back to core work could be difficult, with conflicting priorities


Action Items

@Wesley Brown Check on Angola usage of stock management, can we use their data for testing?

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