October 18th 2016

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  • 8:15AM PST - Seattle
  • 11:15AM EST - New York, DC
  • 5:15PM CEST - CEST, Geneva, Copenhagen, Joburg
  • 6:15PM EAT - Dar

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Review status of the roadmap and development progress.

5 min

Discussion on proposed features for stock management OpenLMIS. Danni Yu (Unlicensed) to share what they have learned from their work in Mozambique with ESMS. She has sent out an email outlining the different features. As a group, let's discuss which are globally applicable and share information on if similar requests were made in different countries.

Pre-read: Mozambique stock management features.pdf

45 min

Not discussed, moved to next meeting.

Upcoming opportunities for in person meetings:

  • GHSC 2016: ideas were shared via email. Let's discuss what we think is best given the time/people.
  • Kyle: suggested discussing Budgeting within Stock Management or building a maturity matrix (maturity of existing supply chain and request for complex functionality)
  • Kevin: gathering stock management workflows or gathering personas
  • Any other people going?
5 min

Not discussed, moved to next meeting.

Discussion: Documenting use cases and community knowledge management across countries.

Comic credit: Requirements 101

Depends on if we have enough time...


From last meeting:

  • Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) to propose ideas for in person meetings via the listserv
  • @all members: raise questions on any of the documentation
  • Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) to share initial process flows and details around a few stock management stories for 3.0 during the next call. Stock management work isn't starting till later, but the hope is to start seeking input from the group. (moving to next call)



Focused the notes on Danni's presentation. Please update directly if I captured something incorrectly.

Slide 2: Needs

Slide 3: Add product to facility stock list

  • A "favorite" list which storeroom managers can select products from the master product list

Slide 4: Archive products at the facility level

  • Can archive and add products back
  • Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): outlined that eLMIS uses the activating and deactivating of products at a central level
  • Brian Taliesin: sees a need to 'hide' expire batches

Open question: Are we seeing a need for this in other countries?

Slide 5: Alerts on stock on hand overview

  • If the expiry is going to happen in 3 months, an alert will be displayed.  Currently the feature is a globally applicable calculation, not product by product.
  • Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed) - potentially sees a need for products having specific alerts for specific products and programs
  • Brian Taliesin - seeing a need for more granular alerts (by manufacturer)

Slide 6: General information on stock card

  • Kevin: Are the colors (red/black) used to make it look like the paper stock card?
  • Danni: Any other stock movements other than issues is in red. Objective to mimic the paper stock cards used in Mozambique
  • Kevin: is the UI flexible to different requirements? Danni - no, just for mozambique
  • Kevin: can the lot information be extended/expanded?
  • Danni: using OpenLMIS concept
  • Mary Jo: what level of configurability would we want at the stock card level?
  • Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): Should have required fields on the top, but allow for expansion of additional attributes. Don't want to deal with the attributes on a day-to-day basis. The groups can be optional.
  • Brian Taliesin: see a similar subset of columns/fields across countries. Some level of configurability would be of value.

Slide 7: Stock movement history

  • Danni Yu (Unlicensed): has only observed pharmacists going back one or two months. Allows a view of history for the Pharmists. 
  • Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): mentioned that usually folks higher up the chain usually take a look at history
  • Brian: sees this needs for auditors or higher up in the supply chain
  • Kevin: What does archived mean to the end user? to the admin?
  • Danni: end user → deletes it from local tablet storage. admin → still available on the server
  • Kevin: what is the volume? Worried about storage?
  • Danni: the call of 13 months was due to worries around storage.

Slide 8: Make a new stock movement

  • Danni Yu (Unlicensed): there was a need for more adjustment types. What type of adjustments are other countries seeing?
  • Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): has see the majority are received, issues, adjustments reasons (+/-) based on the type of adjustment. We have seen the transfer between facilities (example vaccines). Transfer stock between the facilities.
  • Danni Yu (Unlicensed): we also have seen a need for that but haven't found a good way to address yet.
  • Chris George (Unlicensed): reason for postive and negative?
  • Danni Yu (Unlicensed): to replicate how they are doing things now and for reporting purposes.

Slide 9: Add stock entries/positive adjustments

  • Kevin Cussen (Deactivated): How do you accept source of movement (i.e. dropdown to freeform). How does the signature work? Stylus? 
  • Shiyu: origins of movement (reference number) is done manually. Destination is free form. Signature is just typing of the name.
  • Brian: Policy wise do they allow for electronic signature?
  • Shiyu: Wanted a simple solution which doesn't take much time.
  • Brian: is it duplicate with paper?
  • Shiyu/Danni: yes, duplicate
  • Brian: is there a printout option?
  • Danni: good suggestion, no printout as of yet and the feature wasn't brought up yet.
  • Danni: no source information so there could be conflict… data entry errors around lots
  • Ashraf: talks about the integration with EPICOR which provides the lots and reduces this..

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed) shared the Tanzania example and needs.  He described the need to outline the process flow for bigger hospitals, receives from 'bulk storage' then issues to different labs/facilities.

Open Question: What are the workflows are we (OpenLMIS) wanting to cover for receiving/issuing?

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): What kind of offline capabilities?

  • Danni: configured online for products, basic data, but then everything can be done offline. Periodic connection.

Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed): raised the question, What about multiple tablets in one facility?

  • Danni: one user = one facility

We ran over time and the group will continue the conversation next meeting and address the last two agenda items.


OpenLMIS Product Committee-20161018 1515-2.arf


Review Danni Yu (Unlicensed)'s document: Mozambique stock management features.pdf

Documentation Discussion: WIP Stock Management Scope

To Ashraf Islam (Unlicensed)'s question on the last meeting, I wanted to share this document around how to look at and address adopting standards. This resource may be useful when discussing the larger approach for standards adoption. UNSPSC Tool Kit from GS1 Healthcare USR1.0.pdf.

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