Code Quality Workshop Notes

28 Nov. 2016
Attendees: Darius Jazayeri (Unlicensed)Josh ZamorChongsun Ahn (Unlicensed)Jake Watson (Deactivated)Brandon Bowersox-Johnson


Part 1: Our Quality Goals
- review our burn-up chart
- check in on our priorities about scope versus quality versus timeline (Jake and Mary Jo input is critical here)

Part 2: Our Strategies
- automated testing strategy and test coverage goals
- code review strategy
- ideas about a ‘triage’ approach
- discuss where to invest our time and energy

Quality Goals

After group discussion about the scope/timeline/budget trade-off, we put our priorities in this order:

#1 On Time 
#2 Code Quality
#3 Scope
#4 Extension Points Implemented
#5 User Experience 

Code Quality

We drilled in on what we mean by 'code quality':

Code Quality Summary

Darius challenged us to summarize what is important about code quality in just a few bullet points. If people don't read our whole code style guide and standards, how do we succinctly summarize what is important to us about code quality?

Next Steps

  • Sonar * Fulfillment = Green (focus on using Sonar and getting the new fulfillment service to be green and be an exemplar)
  • Tech Debt Backlog:
    • make sure all the tech debt is identified and tracked in a backlog
    • get tech debt into the backlog more quickly by using Stub-Bug tickets that are quicker to write
  • Component Leads:
    1. "stop the bleeding" approach - make sure the code committed going forward is of high quality
    2. audit existing code 
    • → create plans ASAP
    • → hold a meeting with SolDevelo component leads about code quality and review process

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