Configure product display order



In order to allow the user to define the display order of products on the EPI Use screen through uploads, the “product group” csv used to upload the product group information will include a “display order” column. The display order column will define the display order of products on the EPI Use Screen. Currently, the display order on this screen is alphabetical by product group code, so in the example in Figure X, the products would display in order they are listed. The “program products” csv includes a display order column, and the display order on the products csv should have the same characteristics.

Product groups are used by OpenLMIS to define the entries on the EPI use screen for "push" based programs, where a user will record inventory and usage data regarding the number of doses of each antigen that is available in the program. OpenLMIS also uses these grouping to compute product wastage rates for "push" programs, in particular to group together all products that provide the exact same medical treatment to a patient. In the case of a vaccination program, 10-dose and 20-dose vials of Polio vaccine would be assigned to the same product group, "Polio" for example. OpenLMIS then knows to use the total number of doses available from 10-dose vials plus 20-dose vials to compare with the total number of doses administered to patients and thereby arrive at the total wastage rate for the Polio vaccine. Typical groups might include BCG, Measles, PCV10, and Polio. There is no limit as to the number of product groups you can define in the system.

See attached image for to-be product group listing

Taken from Potential Global Requirements from Benin SIIL Update




Rachel Powers