View Orders List (for Local Fill)


As a DIVO, I want to see the Orders page with additional information on each order so that I can see what orders I need to fulfill.

This ticket deals with getting the view orders list page to support local fill mockups. We want to modify the existing page to support both local and external fill. This ticket describes enhancements to the current Orders list page to make it relevant for a DIVO viewing orders that need to fulfilled locally.

There will need to be work to redo how permissions work for this page, but this will be in a separate ticket ().

This should include a list of all the orders that have come in for local fulfillment, including:

  • Requisitions

  • Allocation orders (Pulling in the allocation orders is dependent on successfully completing the Create Order "black box.")

Mock Up

Acceptance Criteria

  • Order list UI appears as it currently does with Orders, plus the noted changes below.

  • Columns appear with data elements currently in the Orders list, but with the additions below.

  • Add date created column with date created date to UI

  • Add last updated date and last updater id to Order model

  • Add last updated column with last updated date to UI

  • Test case ticket has been created and associated with this ticket.


Klaudia Pałkowska


Chongsun Ahn

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