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Spike on feature flags


As a developer I want to be able to keep my branches short lived so that I may achieve continuous integration and be ready to deliver a working system even when my feature work is still in-progress and un-complete.

To that end we'd like to utilize feature flags:


  • Become familiar with trunk based development and the use of feature flags

  • Hold a call with to hold a brainstorming and Q&A discussion and prepare for the technical forum discussion

  • Spike on a code-sample of setting and using a feature flag, ideas:

    • Improve performance of SoH calc (part of ). Specifically do + and - calculations in db and avoid network IO by using Postgres SUM() and moving the reason + or - into table.

    • Fix a small bug or tech-debt - ideally one that involves the Database, the API. Extra points for the UI.

  • Start a discussion on the technical forum and cover:

    • Does a feature flag to just be inside a service? Cross-service? Cross-project (e.g. reporting stack)?

    • Do we consider a feature flag to be tech-debt? How long should a feature flag exist?

    • How do feature flags work with long term storage (i.e. databases)?

    • How do the use-cases we discuss and the decisions above support better code quality and continuous delivery?

  • Write up:

  • Present to technical committee how a developer uses these.



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Josh Zamor


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