Move email verification to the notification service


As part of we added email verification feature to the auth service. This ticket is about moving this feature to the notification service because we would keep contract details in that service.

As part of the ticket we should change endpoints:

  • The following endpoint should be responsible for retrieving pending user verifications. The endpoint should not change the data in the service. It should be read-only

    1 GET verifyEmail?userId=<<id>> => GET userContactDetails/{userId}/verifications
  • The next endpoint should be responsible for sending new verification token to the user. The old token should be set as invalid.

    1 POST verifyEmail?userId=<<id>> => POST userContactDetails/{userId}/verifications
  • The last endpoint should be used only in the verification message (for now email) that is sent to the user. The endpoint should verify token and update user's contact details.

    1 GET verifyEmail/{token} => GET userContactDetails/{userId}/verifications/{token}

Acceptance criteria

  • moved functionality to the notification service

  • update UI to send a request about resend verification email to the correct service -> moved

  • functionality should not be changed

    • if user is created and email is set, the user should get verification email temporary disabled ->

    • the user has 12 hours to verified an email, after that time he has to create a new token

    • each time when user change email a new verification email should be sent

    • before user verifies a new email address, the notification service should use the old one



Łukasz Lewczyński


Nikodem Graczewski


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