Configure Total Consumed Quantity


As an implementer, I want the option to include and configure the "Total Consumed Quantity" attribute (Quantity dispensed/consumed in the last reporting period. This is quantified in dispensing units) so that storeroom managers can use the information when determining the requested quantities and supervisors understand the amount of inventory consumed/dispensed in the last period at the facilities when approving/reviewing requisitions.

Looking forward: when we have an electronic stock card (ESC), this attribute will have the additional option to link directly to the ESC to calculate this value. For now we will focus on implementers using paper stock cards, which means a manual input from their records OR being calculated based on other inputs/columns.

Acceptance Criteria
Verify that:

  • the attribute can either be user input or calculated

  • calculation follows A + B (+/-) D - E

    • A = Beginning Balance

    • B = Total Received Quantity

    • D = Total Losses/Adjustments

    • E = Stock on Hand

  • users can rename the attribute

  • if user input is selected, users can only input non negative intergers

  • the attribute is displayed in the defined order on the form

  • if this attribute is selected for the form and the calculation option, all dependent attributes need to be configured to be displayed (A, B, D, and E)

  • if this attribute is selected for the form and the calculation option, then the stock in hand needs to be configured to displayed as user input

    • -If calculated, a requisition cannot be submitted (status = submitted) if A, B, D and E are not filled on the requisition form -

      • If E (stock in hand) and C (Total Consumed Quantity) are both configured as user inputs, the validation of E=A+B(+/-)D-C should still be enforced

    • If calculated, stock on hand is required to be entered (it cannot be hidden).

  • appropriate permissions are enforced

  • data validations should match the current 2.0 functionality

  • if calculates to a negative value, validation should not allow submitting such a requisition


Paweł Gesek


Mary Jo Kochendorfer


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