Configure Stock on Hand


As an implementer, I want the option to include and configure the "Stock on Hand" (E) (Current physical count of stock on hand. This is quantified in dispensing units.) so that I know (or can input) the amount of stock I currently have on hand. This provides those authorizing/approving with information on my stock levels and supports the decision making around how much stock is to be ordered.

Options for configuration

  1. Calculation: A + B (+/-) D - C

  2. User Input

Acceptance Criteria
Verify that:

  • the attribute is configurable by users with admin rights

  • users with admin permissions can define If (E) stock on hand is configured to be calculated or user input

    • If E is configured to be calculated A, B, C, D fields are required, if not an error is delivered

      • If E (stock in hand) is configured to be calculated, only C is required (Total Consumed Quantity). I can hide A, B and D fields. If A (beginning balance) and B (Total Received Quantity) are not hidden, they are required, however D (adjustments and losses) don't seem to be required even if not hidden - I don't need to enter any

      • If E (stock in hand) and C (Total Consumed Quantity) are both configured as user inputs, the validation of E=A+B(+/-)D-C should still be enforced

    • If E is configured to be calculated this formula is used A + B (+/-) D - C

    • If E is configured for user input, users can input in numeric quantities in the requisition form

  • during data entry there are quantities for A, B, C and D are required (may be enforced in UI) ()

  • the attribute is displayed in the defined order on the form

  • data entry validations should match the current 2.0 functionality (please check)

Additional note: please view the configuration requisition template attached to the epic to see the interconnection with other requisition attributes.

A - beginning balance
B - total received quantity
C - total consumed quantity
D - total losses and adjustments


Paweł Gesek


Mary Jo Kochendorfer


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