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The Release Candidate Test Plan


Suggested schedule, assuming we start testing on September 24:

Week One:

Tue Oct 06Wed Oct 07Thu Sep 24Oct 08Fri Sep 25Mon Sep 28Tue Sep 29Wed Sep 30Oct 09Mon Oct 12
  • Deploy 3.10 RC to Malawi and all other environmentsDaily bug triage at 6 AM PST
    • Start testing

      Testing is focused on  regression testing (i.e. manual test case execution) and performance testing. Exploratory and translation testing is performed in the meantime, i.e. during the wait for the bug fixes or when someone doesn’t have any other testing to perform. Exploratory and translation testing has to be done instead of the code freeze tasks.

      • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PST
  • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PST
      • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PST

  • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PST

Week Two:

Thu Tue Oct 0113Fri Wed Oct 0214Mon Thu Oct 0515Tue Fri Oct 0616Wed Mon Oct 0719

  • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PST

  • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PSTDaily bug triage at 6 AM PST

Week Three:

Tue Oct 20Wed Oct 21Thu Oct 22Fri Oct 23Mon Oct 26

  • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PST

  • Daily bug triage at 6 AM PST
  • The 3.10 Release (hopefully)




Tue Oct
27Wed Oct


28Thu Oct 1529Fri Oct 1630Mon Oct 19Tue Oct 20Wed Oct 21Nov 02

Roles & Responsibilities

QA Team Leads


  • Review the list of bugs provided on the QA Slack channel;
    • Only bugs that have been entered and labeled RC1bug will be reviewed during the triage;
  • Prioritize bugs; 
  • Communicate which bugs need to be fixed;
  • Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated) to create test cycles for retesting if needed;
  • Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated) to provide the status update on the bug fixes on the QA Slack channel as needed;
  • Joanna Szymańska (Deactivated) to communicate on Slack the bugs that have been added to the board for the day.
  • When should we meet every day? Once in the morning Meetings will be held every two days (6am PST) and a communication on the bug triage status at the end of the day;
  • Guidance on bug prioritization is located here:;
  • If there are bugs, then testing for the RC will be done in UAT only;
  • If there are critical/blocker bugs found, then we must retest. If the bugs concern the Reference Data service, all test cases related to the RC in which the bug was found have to be executed again. If the bug concerns any other service, only test cases concerning the service in which it was found have to be executed again;
  • Communication of the test plan before we start testing for the release: