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This wiki page provides an overview of the Study Tour application process and a tracker to transparently communicate the status of all applications and Study Tour trips that are taking place.


Funding ($75,000) has been provided from the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation subsidize OpenLMIS ‘Study Toursfor Ministries of Health (MoH) staff and other stakeholders who are considering an OpenLMIS implementation or expanding upon an existing implementation. Detailed information and the link to the Study Tours application can be found on the OpenLMIS website 

Study Tours Process Overview:

  • Study Tour funding is available to ‘Interested Parties’ who are considering an OpenLMIS deployment in their country and are interested in a detailed learning experience about OpenLMIS in order to decide if OpenLMIS 3.0 is the right solution for their context. Interested Parties can be members of a Ministry of Health,   
  • Study Tours to active OpenLMIS v 3.0 deployments will be hosted and guided by OpenLMIS Trusted Partners. These individuals will serve as the primary points of contact during the visit to facilitate conversations, answer questions, schedule relevant meetings, and support with travel/logistics. The Trusted Partner will be responsible for submitting the OpenLMIS Study Tour Application on behalf of the Interested Party.
  • The Trusted Partner host and interested party work together to complete and submit their OpenLMIS Study Tour Application  
  • The Study Tour funding covers airfare, lodging, and other transportation expenses for two individuals from the Interested Party to travel to an existing OpenLMIS 3.0 country. Currently all OpenLMIS implementation exist in Africa
  • Hosts will curate each Study Tour based on the key learning areas of the participants, and work with Interested Parties document clear objectives prior to the tour to ensure all objectives are met
  • Study tours must visit an active OpenLMIS v3 deployment. The visits will last no more than 3 working days

Applications Received:

Applying Country Trusted Partner Date application received

Application Status



Application Materials
Cameroon MoH


Gaurav Bhattacharya 

Yauba Saidu

8 July 2019received & accepted


Trip is planned for early Dec '19 for Cameroon delegation to visit Malawi

Draft Study Tour Agenda_Cameroon to Malawi_Dec_Plan.docx

OpenLMIS Study Tour Funding Application_Cameroon.pdf

2. eLMIS_OpenLMIS Implementation plan.pdf

3.eLMIS TWG Meeting Invitation.pdf

4. 2018 SAGE deployment report and 2019 eLMIS scale-up plan.pdf

5. eLMIS TWG Meeting Report.pdf



Gaurav Bhattacharya 

Alice Raymond

11 Sept 2019received & accepted (18 Oct)


Tour to take place week of Feb 24th 

View file
nameApplication for OpenLMIS Study Tour Funding_Senegal Final 11 September 2019.pdf

in process


want to submit but need funding for per diem

Burkina FasoPSM expressed interest, need partner to support

Completed Study Tours 

  1. Cameroon MoH delegation visits OpenLMIS Malawi

titleWhat is an OpenLMIS Study Tour?

OpenLMIS Study Tour: a trip hosted by an OpenLMIS Trusted Partner to visit an existing OpenLMIS implementation country, to provide participants with valuable information about how the software is operationalized to improve public health supply chains. A Study Tour would provide the participants with an opportunity to observe how the OpenLMIS software is deployed on the ground, and gain unique insights from local supply chain and technology stakeholders regarding implementation challenges, successes, and lessons learned.

The ultimate aim of the OpenLMIS Study Tours is to educate potential implementers and give them the information that they need to decide whether OpenLMIS is a good fit for their country context.

A detailed description of the goals, objectives, and processes for OpenLMIS Study Tours are outlined in the OpenLMIS Study Tour Concept Note