Requisition - R&R Columns

Target release3.4
Epic OLMIS-4964 - Getting issue details... STATUS
Document status
eLMIS StatusImplemented
OpenLMIS StatusImplemented (unclear reqs)
PATH Jenny Thompson (Unlicensed)
OpenLMIS Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)
JSI Ashraf Alpha Nsaghurwe (Unlicensed)


R&R columns in OpenLMIS reflect the columns in official R&R formats in Tanzania, to avoid confusion of users and ensure accuracy.

Status in eLMIS: In eLMIS and in use

Status in OpenLMIS: We are not sure if columns are configurable this way in OpenLMIS currently

Priority: High priority


It is important that R&Rs on the screen reflect the official paper R&Rs to avoid confusion by users.  eLMIS currently reflects the R&R columns, so it is required that OpenLMIS should also.

OpenLMIS appears to have a column for “number of new patients” but not for “drugs needed for new patients”.  While OpenLMIS has a column for “number of days of stockouts” and a “column for “normalised consumption for month”, it does not appear to have a column for “normalised consumption for the period” (quarter) nor to allow use of this in the calculation of maximum stock quantity.   In OpenLMIS, amounts ordered seem to be converted into units of issue or numbers of packs in the background for costing, but amounts ordered in units of issue or number of packs do not seem to be visible on screen.


User Stories

#TitleUser StoryLabelImportanceNotes
1Match R&R form columns to paper formsAs an R&R submitter I need R&Rs on the screen to reflect the official paper R&Rs so that users aren't confused and to ensure accuracy. (4/11/2018 crossed out; see notes below)Tanzania eLMIS R&RMust have
2Fill drugs needed for new patients on ARV&OI

As an R&R submitter, I want to fill “drugs needed for new patients” or "Dispensing Units for New Patients" (which is added to consumption) while filling in ARV&OI R&Rs so that I can estimate next period’s expected consumption.  (See notes below)

Tanzania eLMIS R&RMust have
3Normalize consumption calculated on R&RAs an R&R submitter, I want to enter data on “number of days of stockouts” (which is already in OpenLMIS) and see a calculated column for “normalised consumption” for the period, which is equal to (consumption during period*90/(90- number of stockout days)) when filling ILS and TB&L program R&Rs so that I can calculate the actual required quantities for the next quarterTanzania eLMIS R&RMust haveThe maximum stock quantity for these two programs is twice this normalised consumption.
4Additional R&R columnsAs an R&R submitter, I want to see columns showing pack size and amount ordered in “units-of-issue” or “numbers of packs ordered” and amount ordered in “units of dispensing”, so that the costing calculation is clearer and in order to match the paper R&R forms.Tanzania eLMIS R&RMust have
5R&R units of issue displayed for approversAs an R&R approver I want to see the approved amount ordered in “units of issue” or “numbers of packs ordered” (read-only) when I enter or edit the approved amount ordered in “units-of-dispensing” (so that I can validate the data in central store pack size).Tanzania eLMIS R&RMust have




Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

1For Tanzania user stories: review the users, "so thats" added, review the label, and review the priority level.
2Need more clarity on the columns and confirm if the new columns meet the needs or not.

Out of Scope

Gap Estimation Notes 4/11/2018

  • User Story #1 is not meaningful (it is not a new software requirement).
  • User Story #2 is needed
    • OpenLMIS 3 already has the "number of new patients" fields, but it does not have the calculation and the configuration.
    • May need more product data configuration about how much of the medicine is needed for "one new patient". Need to multiply the number of new patients times that value to know how much additional product should be requested for those additional patients. (Mary Jo: We may have this field left over from legacy code pulled in.)
    • Need to update the Order Quantity field calculations to include this additional quantity.
    • Elias: In some countries, they changed the column header to say "Additional Medicine Required". So that data is being entered in Dispensing Units rather than a number of patients/people.
      • The field has a configurable option to say whether it is a "New Patient Count" or "Dispensing Units for new patients".
      • It is probably best to implement it as two different fields. Also it could be interesting if they collect both fields.
  • User Story #3
    • Elias Muluneh please review the calculations in OpenLMIS v3. This user story may already be achieved. (Need to confirm).
    • We are not sure if Version 3 already achieves this need or not.
    • Elias: There are edge cases (for some numbers like 33 or for fractions where rounding makes a difference which irritates users). That is why we had to implement quantity times 2. 
    • Mary Jo: The product committee Question: Would TZ and ZM be able to use version 3 the way it is built?
    • Flag: This may or may not be needed.
  • User Story #4 and #5
    • This is still needed.
    • Need to determine if this is a configuration toggle in the requisition template for a given column, OR if the end-user can toggle between packs and dispensing units.
    • Elias: Current feature in eLMIS is an admin configuration, but it is better to do at the user level so the user can choose.
  • This only has a small impact on Jasper reports (when you print your Requisition).