2021-06-24 Technical Committee (Mobile framework pt 3)










Agenda review



Have we reached rough consensus to move forward on https://forum.openlmis.org/t/mobile-tech-stack/5997/5?u=joshzamor









  • Generally agreeing we have a summary

  • If the PWA is greenfield, we could enable some features that are harder to do in current framework (e.g. server side rendering). Takeaway is more flexible, agreed cost over time likely is higher.

  • Value the ability to start quickly, even if figuring out on the fly.

    • leaning towards figuring out the balance of the best way, as opposed to a path of learning (agile).

  • Terms:

    • Original PWA is option 1: from the first design sprint. Upgrading pieces of desktop web for PWA.

    • Greenfield PWA is option 2: write a seperate site. It’s not upgrading our current framework.

  • Value of having greenfield PWA, is we’d learn a lot from this piece, which would inform the pieces in moving away from the current framework (angular 1.x).

    • cost over time is OK right now. Esp during this transition. Making short term gains over long term gains is good.

    • if greenfield? goes right, then we’d have a feature that works well on desktop web and mobile. At the end this could become the code-base. Strangler pattern and build one to throw away.

      • is responsive required for PWA? Yes from a worth the cost in the re-write of greenfield PWA (opt 2), as the additional cost of making it responsive is small. Responsive is not required for PWA technically.

      • Responsive PWA is likely required for the original PWA approach.

      • Kris: if doing a web app, which PWA is, then it makes sense to make it responsive. Though if doing greenfield it doesn’t need to be responsive.

        • Greenfield is a good starting point for learning, and building business value. Also helps to take a mobile first approach as that is generally easier to go to desktop web after then other way around.

        • If we have mobile first, using greenfield approach, then at the end we’re in a better spot of deciding if the mobile first

  • Leaning toward greenfield

    • Responsive? Has to be now vs add it in as we go?

      • Learn as we go - add as needed.

        • Will need new components for a mobile UX.

        • Highest priority should be mobile, then not forget desktop at some point (e.g. twitter’s PWA started this way, with responsive in their roadmap)

    • Bootstrap

      • depends on jquery, in v5 we think they have ditched that. It’s not a React-first library, it’ll be 3rd-part libs to wrap bootstrap for React. Will this end up like an Angular + React approach that the original PWA approach would have. Or would it be closer to MaterialUI which is React first?

      • What’s our approach on these libraries?

        • Get into it in the sprint to learn.

    • Design doc

      • Patricia has a functional spec.

      • Need mockups pre-work