OpenLMIS roadmap Core + implemantations

The Core

Release 3.15 - Deadline - end of March 2023

Investigation of browser cache issue

search functionality in the SOH page of Stock Management - ALREADY DONE

SOH development - mobile app

New admin screens (implemented in SELV))

Add data export option to OpenLMIS UI

Adding the import page to upload data from the app level

OpenLMIS 3.14 release

DHIS2 Integration

Prepare data mappings

Implement DHI2 model

Implement data mappings (SELV to DHIS2)

Implement data mappings (DHIS2 to SELV)

Send ref data to DHIS2

Implement possibility to add new server

Implement possibility to store datasets

Servers management and mappings

QA (approx 2 weeks)

OpenLMIS 3.14 release

OpenLMIS 3.14 release


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