VirtualBox deployment

This is meant to describe the basic issues/requirements for deploying OpenLMIS v1 to a VirtualBox VM. 
Note: OpenLMIS v3 uses a different Docker-based toolset.

Goal:  deploy OpenLMIS with Tomcat as application container, Postgres for database and Apache as front-end HTTP server.  This is the basis of a simple production deployment, and is useful for local testing to make sure all pieces are working as expected.

VirtualBox Network mode:  Host-only or bridged.  Bridged seems to work better.

CentOS 6.5

  1. Install basic CentOS server, get SSH running and make sure it's updated:  sudo yum update
  2. Get root access (currently needed as Chef deployment scripts assume it)
  3. Stop firewall:  service iptables stop
  4. Allow Apache proxy to route to Tomcat:  setsebool httpd_can_network_relay on
  5. Deploy (from outside VM):  knife solo bootstrap <name of node/VM>
  6. In VM, use ifconfig to get the machines IP, address.  You use this for SSH and for browsing to OpenLMIS

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