Community Proposal & Voting Process - DIAL OSC Catalytic Grants June 2018

The following are basic steps for the Community to propose and vote on projects or activities that respond to opportunities for funding software development or related technical tasks in OpenLMIS. These steps will be used for each new funding opportunity, with new labels and timelines created for each potential funding opportunity. 

  • Create an Epic / Story in Jira with the proposed scope of work including the following points:
    • Benefit / Goals
    • Scope
    • Participants
    • Any blockers for completion
  • Label the Epic with DialOscJune18
  • Broadcast the Jira link on the Technical and Product committee forums
  • During the voting period, Community members can vote for the proposal they think should be the top priority, or "winner."  Jira will only allow one vote per issue, per user; however, voting on more than one issue is allowed. 
  • Vote by using the Jira voting function (on the right-hand side of the screen when viewing an issue, must be logged in. See example below)
  • All proposals may be viewed with this filter.
  • Deadlines
    •  : Deadline to submit a project proposal on Jira 

        : Deadline for Community vote on selected proposal 

        : Deadline to submit proposal to DIAL 

      Mid-June: Award recipients notified 

  • In the event of a tie, the Community Manager will break the tie.
  • The Community Manager will work with the winner to finalize the submission on behalf of the community.

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