PC: August 28 2018

Call Information

  • 08:00 PDT - Seattle
  • 11:00 EDT - New York, DC
  • 17:00 CAT - Zambia/Malawi (UTC+2)
  • 18:00 EAT - Tanzania/Kenya (UTC+3)

Last Meeting NotesPC: August 14 2018



Lead (Time)


Software Development Update

RoadmapLiving Product Roadmap 

Current sprintBacklog Grooming Sprint 106

Upcoming sprintBacklog Grooming Sprint 107


Plan for 3.5 is still under discussion

  • Integrations (working on the mCSD for facility information, DHIS2 integration)
  • Reporting metrics
  • Features: still under discussion because many of the features still have outstanding open questions and information
  • Architecture: improve demo data for performance testing, demoing and much more. Improvements in integrated testing so we can release faster

Team statshttps://openlmis.atlassian.net/secure/Dashboard.jspa?selectPageId=12504

 (5 min)

  • Thanks to Malawi for participating in testing and triage
  • Ahead of schedule
  • Planning for a patch release
    • Performance bug in Firefox
    • Enabling some columns in stock-based requisitions
  • 3.5 discussion
    • Ona and JSI in Seattle office talking about reporting metrics for out-of-box reporting for v3.5
    • DHIS2 integration → finalizing scope
    • Gap features not fully defined yet
    • Working on integrated testing for faster releases
    • Improving demo data → helps with general strategy and ability to execute demos

Update on OpenSRP mobile integration workCraig Appl (Unlicensed) (5 min)
  • First prototype of OpenSRP mobile stock management application
  • 6 weeks of core development
  • Primary feature set
    • Managing trade items within OpenSRP and having each stock event move from OpenSRP to OpenLMIS
  • Today looking at Android client
    • Landing page
    • Stock card view
    • Receipt transaction
  • Landing page
    • Provides list of all commodity types and trade items by program
    • VVM status
    • Ledger at the bottom
    • Users can act on a trade item using some buttons
    • Receive from populate automatically based on logged in user and supply line in OpenLMIS
    • Reasons come from OpenLMIS
    • Specify a lot based on data from OpenLMIS
  • Bringing in some more resources to finish work
  • Next PC meeting will have OpenSRP and OpenLMIS servers connected so we can show the transactions across systems
  • OpenSRP is an Android application that provides core workflows at facilities
    • It has the ability to track child health and maternal health
    • Prior to this integration, it had a light stock management module
    • It will integrate with OpenLMIS system
    • Can be run independently → can use stock management without other OpenSRP modules
Next Steps on NFRWesley Brown

Tasks from last meeting:

  1. Evaluate and scope the process for achieving these benchmarks
    • Ongoing - Work included as part of epic OHMIS-4658 (Demo-data for fun and profit)
    • Specific work since last PC is under OLMIS-5164 (Audit Existing Demo Data)
  2. Add them to the product roadmap
    1. Waiting on data audit and discussion with Josh to understand LoE
  3. Prioritize these performance improvements
  4. Additionally, Wes is scoping the steps to automate these processes
    • Will discuss with Josh in next two days
  • Open questions from meeting on the 14th → please provide reviews. We are looking for more feedback
    • Simon hoping to review this week. Starting with written feedback

Request: Ideas for 2019 OpenLMIS Roadmap

If you would like to influence the roadmap, please follow these instructions and suggest a new feature in JIRA. You only need to create the ticket, but not email the Product Committee.

Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)

Lab Management Software (OpenELIS) Discussion

  • For places that do have lab management software, I’d presume it was donor driven.  Is there still donor support?  Are ministries taking over that support?
  • For places that don’t have lab management software, and that want it, how do they start?  What do they need?  People, financial, institutional, software, etc


From Jen, "About lab equipment, I took a look at the notes. We received requests for similar functionality since it affects testing protocols and algorithms – and other features have taken priority. We should probably explore how the two systems use lab equipment data in more detail. Related to this, in 2014 and 2016, CDC CI asked us to gather requirements for and identify a system for managing lab equipment. We had a hard time finding a good fit until we came across OpenMaint. I’m happy to share the requirements drafted by the MOH and answer any questions about our experience and what we learned."  

Jen Antilla (starting 30min into the meeting)
  • Summary of PC call where this initially came up (July 31)
    • Dercio led a conversation around need for lab eqpt integration / feature set within OpenLMIS
    • Asset management. 2 buckets
      • CCE (tracking inventory and functionality)
      • Lab (ordering of reagents)
    • We had some open questions about how lab eqpt systems were used in-country
  • Intro to Jen Antilla - works with OpenELIS (link to left)
    • Every lab needs to go through accreditation process → having an LIS is a part of that → pushing demand for tool like OpenELIS
    • CDC and APHL are significant players
      • APHL usually works with BLIS → basic lab info system, more suited for reference labs
    • OpenELIS main focus is specimens / tests they go through and resulting process, incl validation back to physician
      • Moving toward integration with testing devices
    • CDC Cote D'Ivoire asked for system for managing lab eqpt → came across OpenMaint
      • Where an asset was located
      • When procured
      • When installed
      • Maintenance schedule 
      • Track inventory (where it is at, etc.)
    • Seeing a shift toward larger RFPs looking to strengthen entire lab system, incl LIS component
    • OpenMaint is more about asset tracking and OpenELIS is more around tests themselves
      • Are they installed together? Usually looking for LIS first
      • Most implementations are largely still supported by donors, relatively small scale. Kenya been going since 2014
        • Heavily reliant on donors for funding, dev, support
        • Still relatively young area
        • Different set of partners looking in it
        • CI getting funding to support in next few weeks
  • OpenELIS has greenlight to write proposal to explore integration between OpenELIS and OpenLMIS for Digital Square
  • Parambir: Want to understand commodities and assets within labs
    • Want to understand how to support this
    • Specific machines in labs require specific tests which require specific reagents
    • Goes beyond typical tracking of statistics about supply chain → want to see usage of machines etc
      • Machines and reagents are interdependent
      • Efficiency triangulation → are they consuming the right amount fo reagents for the number and type of tests they're doing, and does consumption correlate to the services provided
  • Plan to do more in-depth review as Notice C goes forward

Summary of overlap/interdepence: Getting the tests done rely on Analyzers being functional and reagents being available. This dependency is where we are seeing requests either from LIS or LMIS world to track into the other space.

  • Improve efficiency of the machines/analyzers
  • Improve ordering of reagents and quantification
  • Analysis of test run versus reagents used by analyzer

LIS lab service statistics

LMIS can give you quantification, ordering and inventory management

Next PC meeting: Ideas??

Discussion on new feature request around NFS products available for ordering without losing performance.

Additional Requests and Information:


Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated)Craig Appl (Unlicensed)Clay Crosby (Unlicensed)Chifundo Chilivumbo (Deactivated)Josh ZamorMatthew Kumbuyo (Deactivated)Nuran Idris (Unlicensed)Parambir S Gill (Unlicensed)Simon Dean (Unlicensed)Sam Im (Deactivated), Jen Antilla, Wesley Brown


Video:  https://zoom.us/recording/share/e5XPhcwUJD4VKd8yJDrEvttnoi5-Z4k_LIy7qkcyv7iwIumekTziMw


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