3.5 Release: Time-tracking

The page is about listing all actions undertaken during the release and the time that each of them consumes in order to determine which of them take the greatest amount of time, and which of them can be quickened, if possible.

ActionDate startedDate finishedTotal business days
Release RC129 Nov 201829 Nov 20180.5?
Deploy RC1 to all testing instances30 Nov 201830 Nov 20180.5?
Regression testing of RC130 Nov 201804 Dec 20183
Deploy to performance test instance and make it run MW data28 Nov 201828 Nov 20181~2 hour(s)
Performance testing - RC106 Dec 201810 Dec 20181
RC1 Phase 2 Bug fixes04 Dec 201807 Dec 20184
Release RC207 Dec 201807 Dec 20183 hours
Deploy RC2 to all testing instances07 Dec 201807 Dec 2018?
Regression testing of RC210 Dec 201811 Dec 20182

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