Emergency requisitions redesign


As Raquel I need to create an emergency requisition with only the requested products and quantities so that I can submit my request efficiently without requiring reporting.

Acceptance Criteria:

  1. When I initiate an emergency requisition I have the option to select products to add to my emergency requisition.

  2. When I select products, the list of products is the same list of products from my regular requisition (Full Supply and Non-Full Supply products remain on separate tabs in the product grid).

    1. I can search for the product I want to add by entering the product name or product code. The search and select dropdown matches the UI style guide.

    2. I can search for Full Supply or Non-Full Supply products to add

  3. When I select a product to add to my emergency requisition, I am required to enter a requested quantity and a requested quantity explanation so that they are added to the requisition.

  4. When I enter in the required fields and click add Product, the information is added to the product grid.

  5. When I do not enter in the required fields, and click Add Product, I receive an error that displays next to the required fields per UI style guide.

  6. I can edit the requested amount and requested quantity explanation fields after they have been added to the product grid.

  7. When I view my requisition before I submit, I can see the entire list of my requested products with the following columns: Product Code, Product Name, Requested Quantity and Requested Quantity Explanation.

    1. The columns that display on the requisition match the mockup.

  8. When I submit the emergency requisition it follows the existing approval workflow.

  9. Entering comments and printing functionality continue to work the same as non-emergency requisitions.

  10. Existing emergency requisitions test cases are updated to reflect new process.

  11. After final approval of an emergency requisition, no reporting data is pushed to stock cards

If the product list is not separate by Full Supply and Non-Full supply, will there be performance issues? in the future once we add back configuration, we may need to have the split again. Answer: Full Supply and Non-Full Supply will remain separate tabs. The user will need to Add Products for their Full Supply tab, and will have a separate tab and Add product button for the Non-Full Supply tab.


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Emergency requisitions redesign