Partial Fulfillment


Partial fulfillment function is designed to solve the issue that sometimes the warehouse doesn’t have enough stock for some products, and the warehouse clerk wants to fulfill the order for part of the ordered products right now and left the rest products as a new order and fulfill them later.


Sub-orders will be created with the order status with “Partially Fulfilled” and the order number of the order will have a suffix to let user know how many times the order has been split.

If there are some products in the order that aren’t fully fulfilled, When the user confirms this fulfillment, a pop-up will display for the user to let the user make a choice: to create a sub-order for the request, or not. If the user chooses to create sub-order, the rest product which is not fully fulfilled will be brought to the sub-order. and the user will be able to fulfill it in the future.

The non-fully fulfilled products will be moved to the sub-order. As we can see in the picture, the suffix -2 of order number means it is the second order of the original requisition.

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