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Call Information

  • 08:00 PDT - Seattle
  • 11:00 EDT - New York, DC
  • 17:00 CAT - Zambia/Malawi (UTC+2)
  • 18:00 EAT - Tanzania/Kenya (UTC+3)

Last Meeting NotesPC: March 26 2019



Lead (Time)

Notes and Updates

Software Development Update

RoadmapLiving Product Roadmap 

Current sprintBacklog Grooming Sprint 122

Upcoming sprintBacklog Grooming Sprint 123


  • 3.6 starting the release process on April 11 (Sprint 123)
  • What to see what is in which release, check this out.

Team stats

Velocity: Context: Includes all four teams.  Team performance is impacted by manual testing, regression testing began in Sprint 105, released 3.4 in Sprint 106, released 3.5 in Sprint 113, Holidays impacted 114 and 115.

Wesley Brown (5 min)

3.6 Scope

3.6 Feature List

Brief update

The release process will start in Sprint 123 and the 3.6 release is expected to take place at some point during that sprint.

Meeting Notes: 

Big group of work over the past year. Some small changes, but in shape for a good release. Thank you to Team Parrot for velocity in last sprint. 

Next product committee go over high level features? 

What was included in kitting component? 
(Ashraf) Able to identify individual items for a kit, UI allow browse through product items and add to kit along with quantities (e.g., 5 items of gauze to first aid kit). Kit is than like any orderable and can be on requisition form along with min-max calculations. Allow facilities to unpack one or more kits and add to constituent product quantities. Working on finishing up UI and fixing bugs. 

How is the stock kit reported (reported as a kit, constituent components, or both)?
(Ashraf) When in kit form, will appear as a kit. When broken down, then appear as constituent components. As of this point, not able to report on amounts included within kits. (Future feature?)

OpenLMIS Administrative MessagesSebastian Brudziński (15 min)


When working on Malawi, need to let users about upcoming downtime of system. Message on homepage configurable by administrator with expiry timing. Challenge is that not all administrators have an email address. Even though may have an email address, may not be using on a regular basis. 

Questions to group:

  • What notifications others are using to users?
  • What type of messages
  • Do you see if administrative message useful? 

(Nuran) Posting a message is welcome for Malawi. And central MoH may have additional messages that could benefit from the feature. +1 (smile) 

How do you envision working with limited internet connectivity? 

(Nuran) Only relevant to those logging in during time of message. Yet, if log in during down time, may also receive message via email. 

Is there landing page, indicating that maintenance is underway? 

(Sebastian) Not at this time. (Future feature?)

May have situations where there are partial updates to orders. 

(Simon) Might be different type of notifications to users. Some short lived, when log into system (e.g., pop up notification that system will be down in 2 hours) and others may be more persistent (e.g., landing page that there is a change to a system process). Different degrees of urgency and implemented in different ways. May want subset of users. 

(Sebastian) How would subset of users be picked? By role? 

(Parambir) Appreciate system notifications. As far as changes, may just point users to the release notes. 

(Matt) Users may not be the type to read release notes. Perhaps messages could point to a more detailed resource.

(Wes) Should not be trying to recreate email

(Nuran) Online location to provide training and (country-specific) release notes for users? (Future feature)

(Simon) Perhaps utilize the "System Last Updated" area to link to some release notes (or otherwise provide more helpful information/documentation (Future Feature)

(Parambir) Could the release notes be included in the system?

(Matt) Country-specific release notes would only include features used by country, country reports, etc

(Sebastian) Core release notes target implementers rather than users

OpenLMIS Mobile StrategyJosh Zamor (15 min)

Governance strategy document:

Reminder of mobile strategy published earlier in 2018. Some traction but did not have a way to move forward. Useful for individuals to begin with this document and extend. 


When we say mobile strategy, are we saying OpenLMIS on mobile devices or something else?

Devices for health records are often in a different room than stock management. Leveraging device to do both may or may not work. 

Bar codes, have been talking for some time. Standardization on packaging a huge issue in India and elsewhere and brings in challenge at the pack level. Serious operational and cost challenges. Other option is to enforce standardization and quality control. 


Would this be built from the ground up or from something existing?

What part of the logistics process would this facilitate?


Could look at an existing app like SIGLUS


SIGLUS folks would be very happy if we were to utilize (extend?) that app. There is some work that may be started on the app "soon". Currently works with OLMIS 2.x, would have to evaluate how much work it would be to integrate with v3


MoH (question) interested in having end to end (warehouse to patient) tracking. This is where the mobile strategy could fit in best.


UI would be a major concern (priority)

Could the sneakernet (etc) be better supported by something like a remote server?

  • Post-3.6 Feature Suggestions
Wesley Brown (5 min)

Feature Discussion:

Action Items:

Transitioning the Product Committee

  • Wes asks members what they find valuable (or not) to restructure going forward.
Wesley Brown (5 min)

Feedback Survey:

Trusted Partners: Please have at least one person fill out the survey by the next PC meeting.

Next PC meeting: Topic ideas??

Additional Requests and Information:



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Josh Zamor

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Sebastian Brudziński

Wesley Brown

Dércio Duvane

Parambir S Gill (Unlicensed)

Matthew Kumbuyo (Deactivated) (question)