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  • Add reports needed for vaccines within Stock Management


Vaccines May 2017 Workshop Attendees: Ryan McWhorter (UNICEF), Dorthe Konradsen (UNICEF), Teresa Ha (UNICEF), Brandon Bowersox-Johnson (VillageReach), plus some attendees who joined on day 2 or 3. 

OpenLMIS version 3.1.0 previously delivered an initial beta of stock management. See Stock Management for the detailed list of features.


  • Reporting technology (Jasper, Tableau, Pentaho, HTML reports, etc) still needs to be addressed. The reports below could be built in a number of different technologies. But before we start building them, we need to determine if any of these need a new platform.


For ALL these, we want report drill-ins by:

  • Facilities drill in by geographic level down to a single facility
  • Products drill in by category to a single product
#TitleReportImportanceNotesJIRA Tickets
1Closed vial wastage

KPI3. Closed vial wastage - DISC KPI

with the drill-ins mentioned above, plus a drill-in by wastage reason


Rachel Powers (Deactivated) need to talk with Brandon Bowersox-Johnson about brainstorming for this. How to track closed vial wastage if all the wastage reasons are configurable? Maybe user can add  and then also select "closed vial wastage" checkbox to specify. (Mary Jo Kochendorfer (Deactivated) idea)

After discussing on  , we decided that due to performance concerns we think the best approach is to define which reasons populate the indicator within the reporting solution, aka Tableau. 

2Full stock availability

KPI2. Full stock availability

This is an alternative to Stocked According to Plan (SATP) that is needed for any time we don't have a min and max specified.


3Stocked according to plan

KPI1. Stocked according to plan - DISC KPI 

Measured by facility and by product (quarterly – intermediate levels; annually – national, global).


4Stock sufficiency report

Stock sufficiency report

(Connects to Forecasting & Estimation domain)


5Open Vial Wastage

KPI. Open Vial Wastage that Program Managers can accurately forecast and can address program practices
(see the notes and discussion about this from the Enter Stock Data ticket; also, this is only an issue at Service Delivery Points which may not be facilities using OpenLMIS) 


Down Votes: 2
At the workshop this was included in the MVP as the very lowest item, but was down-voted.

6Space utilization

Space utilization - a KPI or a report?

space used / total space in CCE (connects to CCE domain)


7Slow-moving items/inventory turns

Slow-moving items/inventory turns

This would be a query that could be helpful for root cause analysis.





Depends on data we get from B. Enter Stock Data and A. Dependencies & Configuration

Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of the vaccine workshop:

QuestionNext stepOutcome
1Reporting technology (Jasper, Tableau, Pentaho, HTML reports, etc) still needs to be addressed. (see note in Assumptions above)

2How to we know which of the adjustments accounts for closed vial wastage?Internal team discussion, see notes above

Out of Scope

(see Next in User Stories above)