Patch Release Test Plan (v3.4.1)

The purpose of this page is to outline the test plan for the 3.4.1 patch release that will also inform future patch release processes.

Testing Overview

  • Test bug fixes included in the patch release. 
  • Regression test components that are impacted by the bug fix.
  • Ongoing development by other team members should not be impacted.
  • If any blocker or critical bugs related to patch release testing we will have a go/no-go meeting, and may decide not to release the patch.
  • 1-3 days of testing for the patch release process, 1-2 team members testing

Test Plan

Test environment: Perftest and demo-v3

Action Items:

  • May need to create a ticket to automatically deploy to a new environment (patch release)
    • Demo-v3 (who is using this?) This is running the latest release. We might be able to use this to test the patch release. Maybe we can say that it is down for 1-2 days.
  • There is a possibility that performance may change, and we should test as part of the patch release. 
    • Load Malawi dataset
    • Load Patch Release to perftest
    • X hours
    • Can be done in parallel with manual regression testing

Bug fix:  OLMIS-5235 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Test case:  OLMIS-2171 - Getting issue details... STATUS

Regression Test Cycle3.4.1 Patch Release Regression Testing (Testing will be done in )

2nd Round test cycle: 

Regression Test cases: 

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