July 14, 2020

Monthly OpenLMIS Governance Committee Call. This meeting includes members of the governance committee, as well as anyone else interested in participating. 


  • 7:00 - 8:00 AM PST - Seattle
  • 10:00 AM to 12:00 PM EST - New York, DC
  • 3:00 PM CET - Geneva, Copenhagen (4PM during daylight saving time of the year)
  • 5:00 PM EAT - Dar (6PM during daylight saving time of the year)

Call Details

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Action items for next call   

Action Items 

  • Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed) to circulate 2 things for governance committee feedback: 1)  Public Health Maintenance Fund concept note 2) List of country contacts for future engagement





Chat Captures

Introductions and Call opening (5 min)

  • Notes from June Governance call

June Notes


Review agenda for this call

Opportunities Review

(OpenLMIS core and COVID Edition)

Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)

  • OpenLMIS COVID Edition pipeline
  • Upgrades in Moz and TZ committed
    • TZ requirements gathering to finish in July and development to start in Aug
    • SIGLUS upgrade; led by Thoughtworks
    • SELV upgrade VR is working on SELV upgrade; deployment is happening with provincial trainings and use of data for SELV v3
    • Challenges: to get SELV and SIGLUS onto same instance to match their national strategy of integration. This has been tricky.
  • Uzbekistan- JSI Received questions; mostly on the financial side; fielded those in June; 
  • Phillipines- Published an RFI but requirement for RFI was philipino organization needed to have majority; JSI was in contact with local companies who submitted a response. Early July were contacted by MTAP (who organized the Expo); due to COVID the RFI was cancelled because implementation cant happen in these circumstances. But when the situation clears they plan to reach back out
  • eSwatini- CHAI won RFP but are in situation where other applicants can appeal. The proposal confirmed that they cannot do this in 3 months

Partnership & other Workstreams Update

Slides here: 

  1. Partnership to Handover
  • Held two Q&A Teleconferences, summarized Q&A disseminated
  • Call for EOI submission deadline set at July 31
  • Developed rubric for Working Group to use to score initial submissions and decide whether they advance in the process 

2. Maintenance Fund

3. Community Engagement

OpenLMIS COVID ResponseRebecca Alban (Unlicensed)
  • Recap of our response to date:
    • May webinar -reiterate importance of supply chain/data visibility
    • Launch of OpenLMIS-COVID-19 Edition (CHAI, SolDevelo, stewards)
    • Using committee meetings to share updates/challenges
  • What else can/should we be doing (important guidance to share, for example)?
    • Global insights about coordination mechanisms or the 'global control tower platform'. Allocation decisions?
      • Kelly: Not much of an update- no global control tower; but several portals that are doing procurement. Flag: Africa CDC portal; this is one of several portals that have emerged lately. It would be ideal if there was a way to aggregate all the data from these portals, but nobody is stepping up to do
      • Brandon: WHO & UN had set up a portal for countries to order supplies and GF and Unicef had set up another portal for PPE type products. Fractured ecosystem. DirectRelief supplying PPE for CHWs. Equitable distribution of vaccines will be another area to continue to look at 
      • Ashraf: vaccines, we expect if a vaccine comes in that there will be a huge effort for equitable distribution; can we get ahead of the game and reach out to contacts at the WHO (TZ and Moz have national level EPI OpenLMIS)
        • could leverage OpenLMIS–start looking into what the requirements would be; get info on how they are thinking about distribution of vaccine; how can we prepare the system to be able to handle it
        • Gates is a vital force behind this global effort
        • Kelly: Sits on the ACT accelerator vaccine pillar country readiness logistics and supply sub-team. They had first meeting last week; sill keep an eye on this conversation as it evolves but it is in early stage right now. Its not going to use existing systems or same populations. Role of OpenLMIS is unclear... Presentation of vaccine is unclear.
        • Short term priority for vaccine is to go to healthcare workers. Do we have a good healthworker tracking HR information system? There are groups that OpenLMIS has not interacted with before; unique identifier for individuals might be needed in the medium term
        • Brandon: OpenSRP integration could be relevant connection in this mix; maybe we could speak to Ona again to raise this conversation, to be ready
        • Brian: could have prediction capabilities possible to predict # of healthworkers
        • Ashraf: birth registry system called TIMR (question) that is in TZ but they track unique identifiers for newborns, a different one in Zambia that also uses HL7FHIR
    • OpenHIE COVID Task Force- OpenLMIS Team has been there; insight into procurement challenges that countries face

Global Digital Health Forum (Virtual) abstract submissions

Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)
  • The Hidden Cost of Free: Exploring the Challenge of Sustainability for Global Goods
    • Kim Couri & Rebecca Alban
  • OpenLMIS COVID Edition- Adapting a global good for crisis response
    • Wes Brown Gaurav Bhattacharya
  • Using FHIR to link supply chain and health data
    • Carl L & Josh Zamor

OpenLMIS product roadmap has been updated and is available at Living Product Roadmap

Conferences and Meetings

Conferences provide the community the opportunity for OpenLMIS members to speak or represent the OpenLMIS software and community in public forum.


Upcoming (Virtual) Conferences for 2020 (let's add them here!)

There is interest in a Digital Square maintained Calendar of Events. So we might eventually link with that calendar in the future

  • Global Digital Health Forum 
    • December 2020, Washington DC (virtual)
    • OpenLMIS core team submitting abstracts
  • Question: Will there be another Global Health Supply Chain summit this year? 

Opportunities documentation

Definitions to use shared terminology:

  • Implementation opportunity: an opportunity for an implementation or deployment of the OpenLMIS software.  Usually this is done at a national or sub-national level within a ministry of health. This can also include feature work which would be done within the implementation and contributed back to the global codebase.
  • Community opportunity: a funding opportunity to support an organization or individual to work directly on the global codebase and/or administrate the community processes. This may include funding specific features on the community roadmap.

Country implementation opportunities:

  • This Trello table is being updated on an ongoing basis; to help the core team to track and manage implementation opportunities, but also provides a detailed snapshot of the scope and status of current implementation opportunities for stakeholders.

Community Opportunities:

  • New Trello table! Similar to the above table, this tool is being used by the stewards to track our exploring of new product opportunities and partnerships

Study Tours:

  • Study Tours wiki page tracks applications received, study tours completed, and other key milestones related to OpenLMIS Study Tours

Community and Product Updates
Product Updates
Community Updates

ATTENDANCE:  Rebecca Alban (Unlicensed)Wesley BrownBrandon Bowersox-JohnsonBrian Taliesin, Jean Miller, Kelly Hamblin, AshrafJakub Sławiński, Jamal S 


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