Cold Chain Equipment Movements

Target release3.13
Epic OLMIS-7500 - Getting issue details... STATUS
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  • Allow users with the appropriate privileges to move cold chain equipment from one facility to another using the OpenLMIS UI.
  • Historical information about the equipment should include the facility that it was at when the event occurred - out of scope for 3.13 release, should be considered in the future releases


This request originated in the SELV instance in Mozambique. Forum post was created to discuss this feature.


User Stories

Personas: Relevant user personas for this feature are the <INSERT PERSONA'S> (see /wiki/spaces/COV/pages/822378521)

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  1. User navigates to CCE Management -> CCE Inventory
  2. User selects the facility and program to search for CCE associated with it
  3. User for CCE that he wants to transfer and clicks on "View" button

  1. User with an appropriate rights searches can see "Transfer" button and click on it


  1. Modal pops up with fields
    1. “Facility” - select field
    2. "Program" - select field - this should be a list of programs that user has ability to work with
    3. "Year of Installation/Commission” - text field
  2. User can choose the facility to transfer and enter the new year installed
  3. Once user clicks on "Save" button, fields' values are updated
    1. Facility is updated
    2. Program is updated 
    3. Installed Year is updated
  4. Facility update does not have any further implications somewhere



Open Questions

Below is a list of questions to be addressed as a result of this requirements document:

1Josh: Who is the user than can move equipment? Does it need any review from another user?
2Hubert: Which facilities should be displayed in select field? Should only facilities for the chosen program be displayed?It should be reduced to facilities that the user is supervising, not to the program. User can also change the program.Open
3Nikola: Should we add migration for role so user who have "Edit CCE" also have "Transfer CCE"?Wes: No, it's a new role and should not be the same as edit cce.Open

Out of Scope

  • History of CCE - both, the history of status updates and the history of movements 

Work Plan

#TaskStory PointsNotes/QuestionsJira Ticket
1Add "Transfer CCE" right2Add this right to Supervision role type OLMIS-7501 - Getting issue details... STATUS


Update Facility and Year Installed fields5Add new endpoint for CCE transfer and make sure that everything works fine after update of those fields OLMIS-7502 - Getting issue details... STATUS
3Create modal for CCE Transfer3Create modal and add "Transfer" button next to "Update Status" button OLMIS-7503 - Getting issue details... STATUS
4Add tests for CCE Movements2
OLMIS-7504 - Getting issue details... STATUS

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